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Exploitation of Science

What is science?

Let’s check the official Oxford dictionary definition shall we:

“the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment”

We are governed by scientific experiences every day by the looks of things. But is society fully expressing this natural state of systemically studying the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world? And if so, how so?

The official definition for science already seems bias, where it is canceling out other areas of phenomena we experience, being the mental and spiritual (metaphysical). What is being assumed as the natural world according to the definition? If the definition of the natural world is led to the assumption, society can either be bias towards a particular notion of the natural world, by what leaders and influencers in the science world say it is, or they can decide it to be what they think the natural world is themselves.

What’s the issue?

The problem with most things in this world is the act of using money that changes incentives governed by positive ideas, which are changed to more selfish ideas; affecting many lives in the process. For example the pharmaceutical drugs vs medicinal plant and food controversy. This controversy, in a nutshell, bans the use of natural herbs and remedies that are not recognised/authorised (patented) for use by the masses. The substances they do patent can be used by everyone and may take millions to research and produce synthetically for the public. Does this sound like science or business? Many people unknown from the radar and known, are suffering from this effect. This also affects the health of people taking the drugs, as they are relying on western medicine and neglecting their diet which is most probably the root cause of their physiological health problem.

Another example is with reference to the drug N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). This chemical is naturally produced in our pineal gland, yet has been discouraged and ignored by the scientific community because of its “apparent” psychedelic behaviour on us. But isn’t part of the definition to observe and experiment on the natural world, or did I read something wrong? No, I didn’t. It is just another attempt to divert from exploring a field of legitimate science that “they” (the influencers of conventional science) do not want you to find out about for some reason(s). Profit is their aim, real science is their pain!

There are a plethora of examples, many that have been covered up as an attempt to make them seem mysterious, airy or mythological; but there is a motive behind it… to keep you in the dark and prevent us from being the true scientists that we are…


Everybody is a scientist! You have a brain and a mind to think with. Process information for yourself, experiment with your experiences and deduce the results for yourself. Do not 100% put all your faith in professionals and experts, as they control your way of thinking and potentially mislead you for the means of money and protection, relative to telling you the truth in the name of science. If you’re a lover of science, you’re a seeker of the truth, if you seek the truth, you are a scientist.

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