How to be more Positive: It’s a survival mechanism


Positivity is a topic that we have to deal with every day, if it isn’t that then it’s neutral or a measure of negativity. But what is positivity? It is mentioned by friends and companions sometimes daily, “stay positive! It’s the only way!” they say. At times this may be difficult to do because you can’t just switch positivity on, it’s a process of understanding. The dictionary says that positivity is the state or character of being.. that accepts the world as it is. I find this to be a very good explanation “…accepts the world as it is” but it can definitely be expanded.

Everything amounts back to understanding and where there is understanding there is gratitude, and where there is gratitude there is love; they are all held within the same family. Understanding is the true acceptance of your situation and changing your state to adhere to it.

First things first

If you need to be positive, first off you must dig deep and acknowledge and come to terms with why you must remain positive in a given situation. It is a survival mechanism, somewhat it allows us to evolve into the people we are now. See positivity as a survival mechanism first! That way you will realise it is the only state that allows you to move forward at a maximal rate.

The next step is immersing yourself into the reality of the situation and picking out all scenarios that can be available to you. Be thankful and joyous that you have at least a chance to gain something positive out of the situation. In society, the mainstream media bombard you with conceptual ideas that rain a mast of negative energy across the land. Life isn’t necessarily that way for you so don’t follow that lifestyle. You are you! And with the right thought processes, you can control your state of being every time. Your emotional state determines the rate and quality of your actions! Remember this and stay grateful!


Finally, fall in love with yourself, and love the idea that you will achieve your goal(s)! You need to be in full submission towards your desired achievements, and positivity creates a perfect platform to do this. What love does is glues everything together, and you get a self-generated energy that propels you closer to your plans, desires, and dreams!

Stay calm, stay relaxed and be positive.


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