I Want Money!

When people talk about success they normally refer to being financially successful, famous or even represented as some of sort of Warren Buffet replica. Do they really want this? Some people yes, but everyone I’m not so sure. I believe people do want financial riches and recognition for something, but that is not the end goal. Essentially people want to fund their goals and desires, people want money to execute what it is that will make them happy. Our end goal in life is a life of fulfilment, and that can only come when your environment is constantly fed with positive injections that leave you feeling emotionally stable and content. 

Many people say they want money, but never give you a deep-rooted reason as to why they want it, at times they may not even know themselves. If there is a reason attached to a motive, it propels you to reach that motive faster. Many people want money to eventually help their parents, travel the world, setup schools that inspire to create educated leaders, why because it makes them feel good and better as a human being, and what is important is the feeling you get from doing things. That’s what drives us to do what we do. We want a chronic feeling of happiness and content that is exponential in growth; a genuine euphoria. It comes down to what YOU want no matter how selfless and altruistic you may seem.

But it doesn’t end there, as humans we also want to connect with people on a very deep level. A level that generates perpetual love that you feel is giving and receiving. Connections with people shows that we want to be loved and we want to be able to love, no biology can explain this deepness effectively,  only a spiritual perspective can.

To summarise people want money in order to finance their feelings and desires of ultimate happiness, and ultimate fulfilment, on a road of innermost deepest connections with people they meet along the way. It always boils down to the final feeling or emotion a person will emit at the end of their prospective journeys of progression; essentially how you as an individual will end up feeling and would want to feel for the rest of your life drives the force for why you want money.

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