Build Your Brand

Learn how to discover, develop and deliver a profitable personal brand to an engaged and targeted audience

Build Your Brand

Learn how to discover, develop and deliver a profitable personal brand to an engaged and targeted audience at the event!

Position Yourself as A Valuable Personal Brand

If you want to make a positive impact to your community, build a strong Personal Brand! Become the best problem solver in your Industry through the brand that you build and provide meaningful products and services. Real Personal Brands create high-quality consistent messages that resonates with their audience, that converts them into seamless customers.

About Michael Tabirade

Hi there, my name is Michael Tabirade, and I help savvy entrepreneurs grow their service-based business using their Personal Brand. I do this primarily via mentorship, events and online content. I am also an author of three personal development books; Understand Reach Expand, Desire and Happyness.

I have been part of the online world since 2009, and have spent the past 5 years in business. Through my experience, I have developed a repeatable model that entrepreneurs to help them start, manage and grow their business. I believe that a service based business is one of the most fulfilling and quickest ways to make an impact to a community, whilst money and doing something that you love. Find out more about me here.

What you will learn through my mentorship

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Determine your Value

Understand how to simply discover your core business model by solving a big problem

Market your message

Learn how to confidently target your ideal customer by speaking to their biggest pains

Create an Impact

Determine how to package, sell and scale your intellectual property



Emmanuel Asuquo

Qualified Financial Advisor & Founder of Noir Excel - Money Mike! I don’t think you realise it but everything you say is money! I’ve run with some of your ideas and it has worked really well for me. You are an inspirational black man and I am privileged to not only call you my friend but also my brother… I appreciate you so much for everything you do and what you’re about. I know that you are destined for great things. I know it’s only going to be better and bigger!


Stephanie Kwakwa

AfN Certified Health Consultant & Founder of Open the Fridge - Michael has been paramount in showing me tips, tricks and strategies required to deliver a robust blueprint for my health coaching business! He has given me the confidence to action my business plan, and as a result find 6 new clients in my first 3 months of launching my business. He has also taught me how to  create two attractive, mobile-ready and useful WordPress websites from scratch. I would recommend Michael if you require Business & Personal Branding Strategy, as well as Mindset Coaching. 


Rosemary Bonney

PRINCE 2 Qualified and Public Health Specialist - Before I met Michael I was struggling with executing the vision I thought I had for my business. It was in my head and in my heart, but not realised. With Michael’s unique blend of mentoring and coaching, I have been able to commit to building my business, gain clarity about my business model, and have finished my business plan and soon to launch my website. I highly recommend Michael for anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to do it on their own and for anyone who desires to move past their negative self-talk, combat fear of launching their business and most importantly seeking authentic, solid knowledge from a genuinely supportive coach and mentor.

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Hey there! I’m Michael Tabirade and I help Personal Brands discover, develop and deliver their expert-based business using digital marketing.

I know it’s not easy trying to start your own business and still live the life you want to live. It takes extreme sacrifice, effort and energy to do it well, whilst competing with everyone else in your industry. It can be frustrating, and even though you don’t want to lose hope, secretly behind everyone who believes in you, you do… I know exactly how this feels…

Sometimes all you need is patience, and other times it’s a lack of knowledge and direction. So after many of my friends and family were asking for Business & Leadership help, I put together a programme to do just that…

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