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Live with Honest Impact

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Benefits of Coaching

Benefits of High Performance Coaching

Improved Confidence

Learn to acknowledge and walk in your greatness and command an air of excellence

Increased Productivity

Adopt new methods, skills and technologies to authentically get more done

Live more on Purpose

Become aligned to your core values and create a real impact for yourself and others

Here's what you get with Coaching

✅ Monthly Coaching

Have a minimum of six coaching sessions once a month over six months, where we do a deep dive on solving your biggest personal, professional and business related issues.


✅ Weekly Accountability

Stay accountable through constant review of your actions on a weekly basis. This will help ensure that you're on track and on target with your goals.

✅ Email summaries

After each coaching session receive a summary update of what was covered and next steps going forward. This can be reviewed any time and serve as a great way to reference your efforts.


✅ Use of Leadership models

Talking to an abundance of leadership and psychological models handpicked from state of the art coaching training. You will be exposed to a mix of psychological models, leadership models, project management models, change management models and many more.


✅ Personal Development Planning

It's important to make sure that there isn't a reliance on the coach and that you are best positioned to continue growing in a positive trajectory. You were received a personal development plan to help you during and after your coaching sessions.

✅ Recommended Reading

You will also be equipped with a recommended reading to help fortify your mindset resilience and skills tailor towards achieving your specific goals.

✅ Session Recordings

In addition if you agree to this you will receive a recording for each session that you can go back on analyse and review for your personal development.  All recordings are kept safe and hosted via Amazon S3 I will not be shared to anyone unless permission has been given by the client to do so.

best you michael tabirade book signing



Money Mike! I don’t think you realise it but everything you say is money! I’ve run with some of your ideas and it has worked really well for me. You are an inspirational black man and I am privileged to not only call you my friend but also my brother… I appreciate you so much for everything you do and what you’re about. I know you are destined for great things. I know it’s only going to be better and bigger!

Emmanuel Asuquo

Qualified Financial Advisor


With Michael’s unique blends of mentoring and coaching, I have been able to commit to building my business, gain clarity about my business model, and have finished my business plan and soon to launch my website. I highly recommended Michael for anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to do it on their own and for anyone who desires to move past their negative self-talk, combat fear of launching their business and most importantly seeking authentic, solid knowledge from a genuinely supportive coach and mentor.

Rosemary Bonnie

Project Manager

Daryl Whittaker MT Testimonial

My life was feeling out of balance, and I was really trying to solve it all myself before turning to coaching as I knew if I was to get a coach it would be Michael. He challenged my ideas in such a way that I was able to get clear on what it was that I was truly missing in my life.  Michael is not afraid to ask you the hard questions so that you have to really think deeply on not only what you want but why you want it. Throughout the coaching I have made major changes in my life because I have had someone that I am accountable to. 

Daryl Whittaker

Sales Consultant

Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial

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