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Your environment is everything and it is important to understand that what goes into your environment effects your life. Environment is defined as the surroundings and conditions in which a person operates. So the question I ask you is, if that is the definition of your environment, what are you? According to the definition you are the operator of your environment… Wow! What a defining statement. To know simply from looking at a Google definition of environment and from that one statement, we can now see that we are the operators of our environment. This is a beautiful concept because it truly means that we have dominion over our lives, it truly states that we have the ability to control what is in our environment, including the people we meet.

Many of you have read that everything in this world stems from a single thought, the original divine thought of the Universe is the originator of our thought, so by nature we are divine and creative beings. What has removed us from our divinity is our conditioned bodies, and conditioned society, and the conditioning of the people who taught us, and the conditioning of our cultures and… (the list goes on). There are key influencers in our lives, teachers of good, and teachers who challenge, and they have allowed our brains to process information dependant upon how we perceive it at the time. Our perceptions has been created by our experiences, our influencers, and in affect our environment. A lot of this was built and fortified before the ages of 5 years old. It is easy to understand why some people may be the way they are e.g. have low self-esteem due to parents who used negative language and actions towards them at a young age, due to their early environmental conditioning. However through compounding and persistent effort one can begin to understand that those first 5 years do not determine the nature of your life, if anything it prepares your body and spirit for growth, and the ability to learn in order to succeed, the ability to fail multiple times in order to conquer your mountain, the ability to hear 1,000 No’s until that one Yes opens up floodgate of enhanced and desired opportunities.

Our Microenvironments are also very crucial to managing the right conditioning in our environments. Everytime we eat food, whether is it beneficial to your system or not, the nutrients and chemicals that constitute that sustenance also contributes to your sustenance. Read carefully what I am saying. The energy held within the bonds that hold the atoms together in the food, when broken down are now being transferred into your body. The cells in your body takes up this energy in the form of nutrients and chemicals, and reorganises it for you in your system. If these food molecules do not satisfy the bodies system in a particular way, the body creates resistance, blockage or a lack of efficiency with a specific process. This in essence will cause the body to trigger electrochemical and neurochemical sensations that will tell the body to respond a certain way. All of this information is processed by the bodies brain and central nervous system, where a single neuron can fired 200 times per second. The point being made here is that so much is being done to keep you animate, so much is being done under the surface that you are not aware about, and so much can be done to make sure that you are the best version of you that you can be. Scientists say that we have completely new cells in our system every 7-10 years, numerologists say that we have a 9 year cycle. So let me ask you this, what are you doing to be the best version of you for the next 7-10 years?

To conclude our environment is life and we have control over it. Do not allow anything to influence your environment because it hasn’t influenced your environment, you have because you allowed your life to be influenced. Take more ownership over your life, and understand that you have the ability to determine, perceive and interpret what outcomes you have in your life.

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