Black Women – You’re more than your Makeup

I have had some thoughts today about black women and makeup. It seems like at a young age there are a collection of teenagers and some would even say children that would be in such a hurry to try on some makeup. This may be encouraged by an older sibling, parents or guardian and may be seen as harmless play. When they begin to mature, makeup seems to be a dependable feature in their lives. Now from my understanding, there are two many reasons for the use of make-up

  1. To improve the visual appearance of an individual
  2. To hide marks/scars/bruises and other dermatology/facially structural reasons

The focus of this post is not on the second reason but more so on the first.

Black women, Makeup and our Society

It is a shame that in our society we live in a “hide it, don’t solve it” ideology. The notion goes to support boosting the well-being in a way that can be seen as fake, and very temporary; a prime example is with clinical drugs and how they are used to “combat” diseases etc. Why do some women feel the need to drown and heavily dose themselves with a powder of makeup? Why do some women apply makeup to make them look completely different from what they actually look like? Is it for their self-confidence? Do they believe that they may increase their affinity to the opposite sex? Probably they want to feel accepted in society? What happened to display YOU and you only?

A women’s hair

This post also be broadened to hair and other parts of the body. Now hair can be manipulated and organised in so many different ways and fashions, but why are so many women of the Afro-Caribbean heritage using weave for their heads? If they started off with bad hair or no hair, then I apologise but if you started off with hair or enough hair then why not maintain that and aim to nourish it with vitality and growth? Is the hair a protective style you are using? Are you trying to create the conditions for growth? Is it the fear of maintenance of the hair? If so it’s your hair so I don’t get why you wouldn’t give time to maintain it because that’s the hair coming out your scalp, not Beejal’s; just saying.

Your Identity

Aren’t you almost giving up your identity away based on the idea that Afro-Caribbean hair is something to be ashamed of, because if so isn’t that saying something about you as a person and what your customs and beliefs are? People can stand to be blind and in fear of societies customs, rather than appearing out as an individual. I can understand the reasons to why they do it, but is it worth it in the long run? BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN and GREEN is BEAUTIFUL so why not stick with what you have and who you are as an ambassador on this earth?

Getting to the Point

I guess what I’m saying is if you’re a mango, why are you telling me that you’re an apple. Why not be determined to improve your skin, and hair and all the rest the proper way! What is the proper way I hear you ask!! Research it and give me an answer, because there are so many good examples out there of women who can hold their own without slapping on loads of make-up and who have good healthy, vibrant and natural looking hair. This is not a comparison or competition between the battle of the sexes, it is just my opinion I want to share that is all.

Natural Women

These natural individuals succeed and go very far in life. There is no worry about what people think, or about employability, or about whether it looks right, they feel good about themselves and they carry admirable confidence that everyone can see. What carries with these ladies is sometimes a yearning from others to be able to have the confidence to do the same. But like sheep they cannot and continue in their old ways. The masses are not prepared to make change for themselves and so they “fit in” with the crowd. What you eat, what you listen, your environment, your fashion, the people you are around, everything accustomed to you determines the psychology and state of mind you bare. Own you and promote YOUR BRAND and do things the proper way!

To Conclude

I’ll tell you one little secret, most men love a woman who is 100% themselves, and not afraid to show it, even still a woman who is prepared to be 100% for their sake only! It is a turn on, as it shows confidence in the most characteristic attractive way possible!

P.S. I have nothing against make-up/weave or the girls who use it and realise there are many different ways people do use it. I am merely asking questions why and posing some points that people may be thinking about themselves.

If you would like more advice on black hair and beauty check out this blog for more advice.

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