2014 Begins: Chi-in Chi-out

On January 1st it has been announced that there will be a new-moon (super-moon) in the skies. The moon hasn’t been swapped for a new one but it does represent the closest proximity  the moon has to the earth. This will happen also on January 30th and 3 other occasions during 2014. Even the moon is willing to make a fresh start and we should follow the moons example. It is almost a ritualistic or even core-driven attitude we adopt when the new year approaches with quickening speed for us to advocate “A Fresh start! Better endeavours! Materialisation of dreams!”, whether this is said or done on new years day or a few weeks before, it is still said. Others will choose to ignore the hype of the new year and carry on with their daily activities. Is it such a bad thing to be part of that “New years Hype”? No I wouldn’t say so, but it is however unfortunate when bold statements are made and people do not follow through.

Deciding when the beginning of the year should be, has been conflicted over many centuries, the Mesopotamians would start the new year on Spring equinox (March 20th), then the early Romans used March 1st where there were only 10th months in their year, then finally January 1st was introduced by Julius Caesar when the months January and February were introduced in honour of their gods. There were a lot of changes, and even in the Middle Ages the Christians at the time weren’t happy with the 1st of January. Nonetheless we have stuck with the 1st January “god of Janus” his two faces looked back into the past and into the future. All of us have taken the role of Janus and done that ourselves, some purposefully, others quite casually and some because of the celebratory season.

How do you make the 1st January or any day your deem to be significant a “New Beginning”, here’s what you do:

  1. Write down a detailed list (on paper or mobile device) of all that you want to achieve this year in order of priority- Color Note Android. If you are doing this on paper you can use a red, amber, green system to signify priority.
  2. Underneath or beside this list decide why you want to achieve these goals.
  3. Have a rigid plan of action on how you can achieve each goal, who it may involve, how much it maybe and when it is likely to happen; if it is not realistic highlight that goal.
  4. If you work or receive some form of income, calculate your weekly and monthly income, and weekly and monthly expenditure; be realistic and include social gatherings on a monthly or weekly basis
  5. Create a schedule on Google calendars that incorporates activities you wish to commit to. Include a rota for rest and working hours, remember it is about being practical.
  6. Look at all your planning, and fill in any gaps where necessary.
  7. Get whatever and whoever you need to start on your journey! Get on it straight away! I was told by someone dear to me that “You can do all the research in the world, but eventually you’re gonna have to make a move”, so make that move guys!

This is the time to be serious about what you say you want to achieve, forget the previous years, forget what people say, think about you and look into your mind, your heart and soul (if you believe you have one), and understand what it requires for you to be truly happy this year and beyond. Making new years resolutions are not marked just for the year, but rather they should be a mark for life, a stepping stone into the unknown realms of success achieved first by your thoughts and penultimately by your actions.

Here are a few final pointers:

  • Make sure you sleep well and get at least 8 hours this year if you can each day. Sleep effects your mental wellbeing, metabolism and your mood. Get Some sleep!
  • Make sure you eat well! Avoid too many carbs, sugar, sweeteners or anything coated in white (like bread, pasta, rice, sugar etc.). Be high in proteins and fibre, eat the right fats and avoid trans-fats, and eat lot’s of fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.
  • Keep fit and active, and that doesn’t include your walk to the shops to get cookie-dough ice-cream. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, and a maximum of 5 (for those who aren’t in competitive sports). Keep a log of your height, weight, BMI and what exercises you are doing to improve your general health and physique. There is a plethora of resources on the internet, whether you are building muscle of losing weight keep up the cardio (consecutive exercises with short rest) and weights.
  • Start reading! There is not anything you want to know that someone hasn’t written about– Will Smith. Keep your mind mentally stimulated and let words create thoughts and heights you have never reached
  • Always be conscious of what you say, how you say it and how it could be perceived by someone else. You want to remain control of the situations you have in life, as well as committing to a life of fun, humility, peace and kindness.
  • Get rid of the negatives, and hold on to the positives. Be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life. Pray and meditate daily.
  • Always network with people, and try to remember their forename, surname and birthday! It’s always good to remember something unique about someone. Also keep in contact with your friends weekly, even if it is just a gentle Whatsapp message.

Meditate & Pray Eat Network Self Exercise Read Sleep

That is all for now folks stick to the acronym MENSERS! To make a change is to change your mindset, and it must not be rushed; it is a gradual process. I wish you all a very prosperous New Year, and one where resolutions are actually kept.

May you Chi-in Chi-out

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