We all have dreams and aspirations we are reaching for, and one way we adhere and commit to those dreams is by making enough money to satisfy and materialize those dreams. In order to do this we either go up the academic ranks and obtain the relevant qualifications, then embark on a career path, or we go straight into the rat race and work. We trail on saving what we can, whilst even attempting to pay for lump sums towards direct debits every month. Some of us make it this way and are content with their progression, a lot of us however don’t, and even if we do we do not feel  fulfilled.

Slavery has taken a new form and isn’t stereotypically discriminant upon races, cultures or religions; however it is discriminative against the fearful and the ill-creative amongst us. That is the majority. Regardless of what you do you will be serving someone else’s dream if you are working for someone else. Some serve dreams in the form of social and health care where the “fair” distraction of enhancing health and well-being is or should be focused on; others do this as managers of companies that do everything they can to better the company, which eventually gives the CEO of a corporation a nice bonus and those employees a pathetic pay rise. Their rules and regulations are altered to tailor the “public services” as well as their own personal ones. Isn’t this obvious though? Why do we still continue to serve someone else’s dream? I don’t know how obvious it is if it is at all. Is it because we don’t know any other way or is it because we have been conditioned to it, serve others? Is it because we do not see it this way, in terms of slavery? You can only answer that question. But remember, the pursuit of happiness is established from the ability to be free! Free to do your will! Benjamin Franklin quite rightly said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Does freedom exist? In the mind yes, in reality, well that is dependent upon your thoughts. Life is heavily supported by the perceptions we have because that is our very reality whether it is true in the real sense of word. Whatever life path you go down, understand that you have the right to freedom, however it is defined to you.


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