I don’t think you realise it but everything you say is money!

Money Mike! I don’t think you realise it but everything you say is money! I’ve run with some of your ideas and it has worked really well for me. You are an inspirational black man and I am privileged to not only call you my friend but also my brother… I appreciate you so much for everything you do and what you’re about. I know you are destined for great things. I know it’s only going to be better and bigger!
Emmanuel Asuquo
Qualified Financial Advisor & TV Personality

I highly recommended Michael for anyone

With Michael’s unique blends of mentoring and coaching, I have been able to commit to building my business, gain clarity about my business model, and have finished my business plan and soon to launch my website. I highly recommended Michael for anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to do it on their own and for anyone who desires to move past their negative self-talk, combat fear of launching their business and most importantly seeking authentic, solid knowledge from a genuinely supportive coach and mentor.
Rosemary Bonnie
eCommerce Entrepreneur

Throughout the coaching I have made major changes in my life

My life was feeling out of balance, and I was really trying to solve it all myself before turning to coaching as I knew if I was to get a coach it would be Michael. He challenged my ideas in such a way that I was able to get clear on what it was that I was truly missing in my life.  Michael is not afraid to ask you the hard questions so that you have to really think deeply on not only what you want but why you want it. Throughout the coaching I have made major changes in my life because I have had someone that I am accountable to. 
Daryl Whittaker
Holistic Life Coach

The sessions were structured perfectly

I have always felt I could start my own businesses and had a few ideas, but had no idea where to start and suffered from self limiting beliefs. Michael was fantastic! The pre session work really encouraged me to focus my thoughts and ambitions. The sessions were structured perfectly, ensuring all my questions were answered and Michael was happy to clarify anything I didn’t understand. He encouraged me to come up with my own ideas, but also really encouraged me to belief in myself and my own ability to achieve my dream.
Amber Sorrell
Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the Department of Health & Social Care

Michael is an exceptional coach

Michael is an exceptional coach who guided me in aligning my skills and experiences with a specific job role during a transitional industry shift. He demonstrated a thorough breakdown of the application process, utilising screen-sharing to enhance understanding, despite our remote collaboration. This personal approach was invaluable to my learning style, fostering a sense of shared space and facilitating effective communication. The sessions not only equipped me with essential skills for the job application process but also fostered a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. Thank you Michael!
Kaajal Vagehla
Fitness Apparel Founder and Health Diabetic Coach

Michael’s support has been immensely invaluable.

Michael’s support, as both my coach and action learning set facilitator has been immensely invaluable. Within my current role, the coaching provided has helped me feel more confident and comfortable whilst setting clear goals for me to achieve. I cannot recommend Michael enough and quite honestly, when I think about leading my own team, I always think back to not only what Michael has coached me through but also try to coach them the way he coaches me. Coaching requires a trusting, open relationship to be built and Michael makes that easy to build to lead the sessions towards successful, tangible outcomes.
Jessica Scott
NHS Service Manager

His delivery is at 10 star rating for me.

Michael has a very great way of executing the information to you. His delivery is at 10 star rating for me. Michael is a Great coach and he took time to understand me before giving me loads of information. Henceforth l got information that worked for me. He is a Professional coach and has strong values and honest when he doesn’t know things; his delivery on point. I recommend Michael because it works having someone like Michael coaching you. It enhances your productivity!
Charles Kwashirai
Adult Student Nurse & Entrepreneur

Michael is very helpful in motivating me

Michael is very helpful in motivating and encouraging me to push forward. His delivery is very calming and he has the ability to motivate me. Although, it was going to take hard work, he always helps me not to become overwhelmed and reminds me that I am more than capable of of achieving my goals.
Michelle Muirhead
Fashion Educator & Consultant

I would highly recommend him to anyone

I have been working with Michael in coaching sessions for the past few years, first within a group setting and now individually. With his guidance, I have been able to grow in my career and navigate difficult situations that were preventing me from achieving success, primarily by learning how to reframe my thinking and approach challenges in a more positive way. Having already seen significant benefit from my sessions with Michael, I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in coaching sessions.
Julia Tuddeo
NHS Surgical Strategy Manager

You’ll get more support than you expected

He is very well equipped and qualified as a Coach. He is able to put the you at ease to be open to truly tackling some of your crucial challenges. He will work with you to define tasks to complete to steer you towards a better path. The great thing is he asks all the right questions for you to come to your own conclusion and tasks to complete, which provides a greater sense of accountability in overcoming your challenges. He is a great listener and extremely observant, so you’ll get more support than you expected through coaching with Michael.
Kevine Deugoue
Fintech Senior Programme Manager

Michael has helped to really understand myself much better

Michael has helped to really understand myself much better. I was struggling with prioritising and productivity, yet Michael was able to provide me with coaching, tools and deep insights into how I can better position myself for success. I committed to improving my sense of wellbeing and have change my daily routines which has clearly created benefits in my personal and professional life.
Bukky Balogun
Public Health Researcher

I would highly recommend him to anyone

I was initially suffering from self doubt, imposter syndrome and lack of clarity. I was always unsure of myself and felt I didn’t belong in the spaces that my job allowed me to be in. Michael’s confidence and contagious energy gave me a structured approach towards improving outcomes in many areas of my life such as career, health and personal development. He clearly knows his stuff and his offering is great! More people need to know about him!
Jennifer Mwangi
Healthcare Programme Management Consultant

I’ve been able to identify my key pillars of expertise

Michael embodies the manifesto of practicing what he preaches and delivering impact with his expert knowledge. He has been exemplary in implementing change, driving further high performance goalposts and coaching with applicable methodology and a strategic approach. I have had the benefit of seeing this in action and also being coached by Michael towards my own career goals.

Michael brilliantly unpacks the stages and variables of contracting while helping you to synchronise your career trajectory that leads to the clear bigger picture and focused steps to take going forward. His honest, experience based advice and coaching lays the foundation for any individual to pursue contracting with bespoke practical steps.

Since working with Michael, I’ve been able to successfully transition into contracting, identify my key pillars of expertise, understand the capabilities necessary to demonstrate as a contractor and outline the short and medium term goals of my career aspirations going forward.

Michael has been significantly instrumental within my career progression and contracting journey in which I can not recommend him more highly as the “go to” individual within this landscape.
Demi Akintewe
UX Product Design & Project Consultant

Michael has helped to really understand myself much better

Michael constantly talks about the importance of values , I call him ” Mr Michael Values ” because he really drills on the importance of knowing your values as well as setting your goals, which is the presentation he did on youth empowerment day. This has helped us as a couple to set long and short term goals, we have managed to sit down and discuss our values as a couple and as individuals and what values we want to have as parents and also what values we have spiritually and financially. We have managed to start exercising and have gained more confidence from listening to Michael’s advice through his social media live sessions and podcasts. My husband has had some coaching sessions with Michael and it has made a huge difference in the way he views the world around him and his confidence. He is now more focused on his goals, setting targets for himself and making sure he meets those targets. He has been challenging himself to come out of his comfort zone and do more. Michael is such an awesome mentor and coach. We couldn’t have asked for more from him than what he gives already. OHH yeah he also taught me to read because he says “no one can ever steal knowledge from you”: I have managed to finish reading 3 books since then and am still going. Never have I ever thought I would love reading books except for my bible “Michael what did you do? ” I can’t stop reading books. I am looking forward to reading your books, especially Power of Goals. AGCDONCASTER wishes you the best and more blessings in all areas of your life. UNDERSTAND, REACH AND EXPAND.
Pelagia Kwashirai
Host and Entrepreneur

Just ONE coaching session my monthly income more than doubled

I initially contacted Mike because I was overworked and underpaid, and a lot of it was my own doings. As a new freelancer, I had a lot of guilt surrounding my invoices and not thinking I deserve to be paid more than my current invoice rate. Mike took a pragmatic approach and simply showed me the value of my time and work which quickly made me realise how much I was revenue I was missing out on. After understanding my role and my service rate he quickly drew up an excel spreadsheet that showed me how to effectively measure my time and with just ONE coaching session my monthly income more than doubled he also talked me through how to present this to my client in a professional yet relaxed manner. Will definitely be booking another session soon!
Wise Santos
BA Masters Psych & PA to an Assistant Psychologist

He provided me with valuable tips

I had the pleasure meeting Michael during his engaging and insightful personal development hangout sessions. I reached out to Michael seeking advise on CV improvement, job search strategies and interview techniques. Michael’s generosity truly shone as he extended his support by offering some sessions to work with me. His guidance was a game changer. With his deep understanding of the job market, he provided me with valuable tips that helped my CV stand out and gave me a competitive edge in my job search. What sets Michael apart is his knack for breaking down complex concepts into understandable and actionable steps. His approachable demeanour and passion for helping others succeed make him a standout mentor. Thanks, to his guidance, I have not only refined my CV but also developed confidence in my interview skills. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking expert guidance in navigating the professional landscape.
Varada Ilindra
Marketing Specialist

If you are looking for results, I recommend you work with Michael!

Michael was brilliant in helping me secure my first contracting role. I went from weeks of no responses to having multiple interviews. Michael was thorough in explaining how contracting works, skillful in helping me create a CV that gave me the best chance and well versed with tools and tips to finding roles as well as an umbrella company. If you are looking for results, I recommend you work with Michael!
Comfort Eniraiyetan
Finance Contractor & Performing Arts Professional

Just ONE coaching session my monthly income more than doubled

I had a vague idea of what I wanted but felt overwhelmed as I lacked structure or confidence to progress. First, Michael listened and engaged at my level and skilfully brought me to a place of understanding which included the structure I so needed and his confidence was contagious.
I enjoyed our session and felt you listened, engaged and offer doable resolutions. You had great confidence and that was assuring and contagious. You focused on strengths and offered quick interventions where you felt there might be too much going on. Thank you!
Ayobola Chike-Michael
NHS Senior Project Manager

What I loved best about his coaching is Accountability

Michael was knowledgable, experienced and understanding. He helped me see past my confidence issues and set reachable goals then checked I’d actually done my ‘homework’. He was patient and polite and gave the time I needed to process some trickier questions about what I REALLY wanted, which really turned out to be a more balanced lifestyle where I feel I have some control.
What I loved best about his coaching is Accountability. Sometimes I just need a prod in the right direction and someone to make sure I’m doing what I said I would. Michael was great at this. He’s helped me to a far better place in my life and I’m sure he can do it for others, also I want to return the favour a little. Thanks Michael.
Illya Derigs
Independent Graphic Designer