Have you ever noticed patterns?

Everything in Life has a pattern, some more noticeable than others. If you understand the patterns in life I guarantee you, you will reach your successes.

Here’s an example, those of you who have friends will assume to know your friends pretty well and will believe to understand how they behave or react in a given situation. They believe to have mastered your thought process, and go that extra mile to calculate any possible pre-determined thoughts you would make “Dayaam I know this person well”. Now if you and your friend create natural positive benefits from each other i.e. an instinctive give and take relationship, its because you’ve understood each other’s patterns (behaviour, their psychology and personality) and now your accustomed to making your friendship a “growing success” as I’d like to call it because you have tacitly developed an understanding.

Friendship is a teacher

The example of friendship outlines that an understood pattern under X amount of weeks, months, and/or years of training has produced a successful friendship due to understanding their patterns. Now apply this pattern rule for a job application. The best candidate will go to that interview having confidently practiced what he or she has revised, e.g. the questions they will be interviewed on, what appropriate attire they should wear (that includes facially as well), knowing how to speak and not including any nonsensical slang, and most of all will express themselves in the best light tailored to their genuinity and interview criteria, whereas the lesser candidate will have done little research and has not given their undivided attention to the cause; THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE PATTERN, in fact THEY DON’T WANT THE BENEFITS OF UNDERSTANDING THE PATTERN.

This can be applied to anything and I’m sure students can relate to this… Examinations. The art of being able to repeatedly revise your academic field is a skill, it is not a “talent” so to speak but rather something you have learned to do over the years; this is exercising the art of the REVISION PATTERN, indoctrinating the element of rewiring the hardware within your brain, and conditioning every action towards successfully BEING that very pattern.

To conclude…

Patterns surround us, whether its in love, finance or even food… Understand the ones around you and you can shape your life according to what you want. If you want to understand your patterns in life check out my book Understand Reach Expand!

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