Why playing dumb is a smart move

It’s a game

When this game is mastered it is one of the best games you can play in the world. Rather than a game, it is a psychological mind powering tool that enables one to determine what potential moves another individual may make in order to create a certain outcome. It also allows you to gain and/or confirm information that you may have suspected to be true, based on past suggested information and events. The key to “Playing Dumb” is to be a good actor (not the dramatic type). When “Playing Dumb” your body language, your tone of voice and expressions must seem seamless relative to how they are when you are not playing dumb.

Things to note

Take caution when using this tool because you cannot just decide when to put it on and off. At times you really need to make educated guesses of how that particular person is thinking, as well as what you think they know (sometimes its good to assume the worst of what they know as being most probable); you need to be pretty good with this skill otherwise playing dumb can be a disaster and more of a mockery. If you are not good with this skill, the reverse could happen, the person you are tricking may be able to suss out your subtle mendacities, so they decide to play too (potentially twisting information). The cycle could equivocally go on, where both of you are interchanging and tacitly streaming knowledge of each other person playing dumb. The point is you want to avoid all that interchanging, and you have to make sure that you and ONLY YOU are the one playing dumb. That way your control or power for potential golden knowledge can be revealed without you even asking for it.


This tool is really good for the individual who is able to stay on the right side of people, i.e. someone who seems genuine, sociable and balanced.

I’m sure you guys have done this, but the question is… are you doing it right.

***I imagine some of you saying “yeah course!”***

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