Road Runner Love

Can you fall in Love too quickly? Wow what a question, I could type for hours on this one… but that’s not happening. This is a hard question because it’s so subjective to everyone on this planet as everyone’s experience of the word “Love” is totally different. Some might say that they have been in Love, but how do we know what their measure of Love is? It may be different to what another person’s measure of love is… Is it even love to that other person? I think we can at least say, for the majority of social beings that we can quantify qualitatively what infatuation is (for a period of time) or what I’d like to call it “luv”, that “fairy airy feeling of walking on the moon, feeling guuuuud”.

To ask that question “Can you fall in Love too quickly” means that inevitably people may assume that they could possibly be in Love, 80% of their mind is saying that they are whilst the other 20% is saying that they’re not, but why is this the case? It’s simple, fear… Fear to trust, fear to open up, fear to let in, fear to Love. People are scared to Love because they have a Hollywood motion picture conjured in their heads of what universal romantic Love is supposed to look like, but it doesn’t give any regards to what it feels like. To make that step from “Lov” to “Love” (for those of you have read my Luv, Lov, Love post) is to not be afraid of all those things that come with Love and realise that true love is sharing one’s self with another, and vice versa.

Imagine you meet someone and you think “Wow this person is actually perfect” and they tick all your boxes; I know there are people reading this who have definitely experienced this. It’s either a rare phenomenon or just another phase, “you will only know if you try”… Some people may think “Hold on, hold on, this is a deep trick, I feel like I’m on the Truman show”, others may see it as an opportunity to grab onto that person and never let them go because they know that this is a genuine person who genuinely feels the same way, “I’d be a fool to let this go”- deep in regret. Don’t get me wrong there are wolves in sheep skin clothing, but if you have had a niggling doubt about that person, not the idea of finding someone, then you can step back, but if it’s the idea of finding someone that you have a problem with, you will mess it up for yourself and you won’t even know why. It’s the whole Pulling Strings idea (for those who have read this), think negative and you’re pulling that negative part of an idea into your reality. Assess the person and situation at hand critical in your own minds.

If you’ve found someone new and you’ve spent enough time with them to suggest that they are 1) a genuine person who you show to be compatible with (2) they genuinely like what you’re about, make them your Road Runner Love and don’t look back, because you won’t regret it. There is a delicate “Opportunity window” that we as human beings have every time we make a choice, once that has closed, the outcome of that potential choice you would have made will never be on the same scale as it should have been on, because you kept too long to make a choice; this is how the universe works, things come and go. Just decide and stick with it! That way you’re in control.

You’ll look back at the choice you made and you will say “I’m so glad I acted when I did”

Remember this doesn’t apply to everyone as people have already made up their mind about the idea of Love, when they want to be Loved or even blocked out Love in their minds totally due to poor experiences, which is a shame. Everyone does want to be Loved whether they admit it or not.

If you see something that’s good for you, grab it with both hands (Oi Oi… calm down lads) and don’t look back.

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