Hi I’m an Aquarius and my “lucky” number is 3

I am an individual and so are you, and we have some systems in which there are predisposing definitions of what characters you and I have, before we were even born! One system is known as the Astrological Horoscope, which uses the positions and angles of planets, moons and stars in the sky that help predict the character and events in time of an individual. The other is known as Numerology where each letter in your name has a numerical value from 0-9 and they are used to calculate a number that represents you; your birth date is also taken into consideration too. There are many others that I shall not mention in this post for complexity reasons.

Why should we even believe any of these systems… we don’t have to, no one is obliged to believe in anything if they don’t want too; especially if it’s the truth. You cannot doubt that systems like these and many others are “fun” or “interesting” to look at as many would say, but why is that so? Do people secretly want to believe in these systems so that they gain some sort of security or understanding to their future and other people’s futures, or even improve their understanding of their very being. I am always prepared to say that human beings usually don’t like the idea that they may not be as unique or as special as we have been given the chance to believe, that lack of acceptance makes us at the lesser end of the special spectrum.

Even non-believers in this system dare to see what all the fuss is about. If they found a close characteristic and behavioural description that matches them, then they may quote “lt’s very easy for them to write a whole pot of stuff and make it sound like its personalised to you”. I definitely agree with that statement, but I also agree that there are money hungry people out there who will do anything to gain an extra dime, thereby overshadowing possibly the true nature and mathematical equations that enable you to determine time points and character profiles of an individual. Individual is a key word. How does any of these systems deem us as individuals and masters of our own destiny. It seems so for the astrological horoscope anyway that there are at least 1 in 12 definite character profiles that everyone correlates positively too, 1 in 12! That doesn’t sound right, or is that more right than we think? At least with the numerology system everyone is assigned a collection of numbers that could be anything from 0-9, also including the master numbers 11 and 22. Let’s say that numerology is true, all a person would need is your full name and date of birth, and presto they know everything about you; I’ve done this many times and all I can say is it is “interesting” (there goes that word again that people use with no real meaning or substance behind it).

Real or not does anyone actually know, well I can’t answer that, for we live in a world where people believe or demand “hard evidence” what ever that means. Evidence could be anything, provided you manipulate the understanding of the audience; but that is another matter entirely *cheeky grin*. But if it was real our ancestors were either really smart or they were taught how to calculate this from beings of a distance planet, I joke at the last part, actually I don’t *stares at the reader behind screen*. In a “whacky wonderful creative thinking world” that seems probable but who knows. I will never deny that there is a deep knowledge and understanding missing in today’s society that has been left to be understood as mystical or not real, but it’s healthy to question why people support, or believe these areas in life that many don’t chose to acknowledge. Well I’m almost at work guys. Food for thought…

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