Creation or Deviation ?

God or gods have been debated over time, whether it has been from the beginning of time or not, that we will not know. God or gods have been believed to create all living and non-living things upon the earth, and as far to go and say within a universe, and the very multiple collection of universes as well. But how and why do we believe these things ? We don’t do we ? No one actually knows the full story, assuming no tremendous cover ups have been dramatised throughout history and current day. I have always questioned our ability to know things, i.e. trades, specialism and highly technical subject areas from the birth of their ideas and execution. In basic terms a god is an entity or sentient being that is much more advanced to our natural states in terms of mental ability and physical capabilities. This may not be the case for some who believe in God or gods, but for understanding sake for the number of people who do i shall use this definition. The dictionary describes the noun “god” as the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

Here is a simple analogy; a young baby could see their parents as gods, assuming they understood the concept of the idea of God/gods (a higher being or entity). They are more mentally able and physically advance relative to their baby. The baby survives and is totally dependent on its parents whether it is aware of it or not; without them a critical moment will be reached very quickly in the baby’s life that will allow it to lose the battle of life. When the baby grows up via the support of everything their parents have supported them with unconditionally, they may in fact surpass and understand the nature of their environment at the level at which their parents were once at, and possibly currently at (assuming no impairments had advanced or inherited during the course of their development). It is development, learning and understanding that allows one to permit the idea of what is true via deductive reasoning and critical analysis, who is really powerful in our society, what they know and have learnt about themselves, and possibly the reason(s) behind their very existence; what is our true historical origin(s) ? The baby now a man, see’s their parents in a different light and may in fact feel as if they are not heavily dependent on them, the dependency may even change. What if the people on our planet, or universe were that baby? What if society as a whole was the baby and the government be their parents? Seems fitting to some but not to all. The analogy can clearly show that gods can refer to the level of understanding, ability and control a being or a group of individuals has over a set population whether it is on a local or distant level.

Religion and the idea of God or gods have normally, and arguably been conjoined in society. It is obviously debatable in our current society that religion does at least for some create a platform of understanding onto what is true, how we should lead our lives and where we came from, yet does it give the individual a true opportunity to think for themselves and decipher these questions for ourselves? Some would say yes and others will say no, the point is that it depends on the individual(s) involved and/or participating in a religious group. If we always get food fed food without questioning what it is, there is a possibility of deliberate or even “accidental” food poisoning. If you understand exactly what you are eating, you can cancel out any ill nature or “bad luck” of food poisoning; the ball is in your court.

Make sure you know what you are eating before you take a bite.

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