The “Is that” question – Dealing with annoying friends

Is that yours…

Is that your hair…

Is that the same boy who was cheating on you…

Is that your food…

There’s a general theme to these questions; notice how I haven’t added a “?” at the end of them. It’s because they already know the answer to the question they are asking, or they think they do. So why do they ask the “Is that” question”? It’s because they want a particular response from you, in fact, they have already visualised what answer you will give them. It’s a very calculated move if you ask me no matter how innocent it may seem because it involves using the other person’s emotion(s) to gain the desired result. It may cause the person being asked to unexpectedly flip to a side of them that they don’t normally use because of this emotional and tactical tool.

Here’s an example:

Person A: “Is that Chicken yours…”

Person B: “Yeah it is… Do you want some” (it stings for them to offer)

Person A: “Yeah OK if your offering- THANKS =D”

Person B: -____-

Person A is what I’d call a PRICK, but for the purposes of this blog, I will call them smart because at the end of the day they got what they wanted, THAT PIECE OF CHICKEN! Give them an answer that doesn’t coincide with their vision, then the person asking the question can’t attempt to carry out their envision.

Person A: “Is that Chicken yours…”

Person B: “Yeah it is”


If you’re Person B, learn the art of not letting your emotions override your actions and you’ll get what you want, no one festering over your chicken.

If you’re Person A, STOP BEING ANNOYING and get your own Chicken

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