Look at me!!! – How to improve your friendship

So you are confiding in your friend about an occurring problem you’re having. They fully know the ins and outs of the situation because you have told them everything there is to know…

So what’s the problem??

The problem lies in the fact that your friend never allows you to finish what you have to say, they abruptly change the conversation and convert it to them. No one is saying there’s no time for you both to talk to each other because it’s pretty clear that you both have enough time to both talk about yourselves, but their interruption shows a lack of interest and to a certain degree a lack of respect for how you may be feeling. You don’t want to start telling someone else about your problems and so you practically have no one else to talk to about this, especially at a time when you really need them; their body language and actions say it all.

Feeling like a MUG you listen to what they have to say knowing that you haven’t finished saying what you have to say, what’s worse is that they potentially may know you haven’t finished and they persist to continue with themselves. You end up not being in the mood to talk to them.

What’s the solution

Talking and expressing yourself to your friends is the best remedy for a problem, but when that remedy goes it’s like an accumulation of poison that intoxicates your head.

Do you address the issue with your friend and tell them what you’re noticing with them? Or will you sound stupid? Of course, you won’t, but is it necessary? Maybe you are talking too much about you, and your friend changing the conversation is a way of them now turning the tables, or in fact, they may actually have a problem themselves.


Either way, friends i.e. the stereotypical bum chum type, usually fight for undivided attention. If not one of them, then both of them will fight for this attention.

I’ve italicised the paragraph above because this is utter nonsense. If you’re experiencing this in your friendship I strongly recommend you change “friendship” to “competition”, it’s not a friendship.

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