Pulling Strings: The law of Attraction

I’m sure you’ve heard of the law of attraction, but how does it all work. From a young age, I referred to it as “Pulling strings” before I was aware of the general name. This article I’m going to portray my views on it and how I believe it works. Let’s start with this, sometimes things are better left unsaid. What you say to people may prohibit your chances from achieving that thing. It’s almost as if you say something, you’re less likely going to attract that very thing.

Don’t tell people your business

There are many people who love to tell people their business, they can’t help but do it. Maybe it’s excitement that triggers them to do it, or maybe they want to show off to their peers that there is a possibility of them achieving something great in their lives. There are people who are:

  • Genuinely happy to hear what you have to say
  • Others who feel no way
  • And other people who are secretly annoyed, angry or upset at what you might possibly achieve.

The law of attraction in action

When we think of doing or wanting something I believe that we locate it in the universe via our creative mindful thoughts, and pull it away from the idea of reality from the universe, towards the physical reality to which we experience life. That’s why when we think of doing something we put all our mind, our soul and heart into it, demanding the universe to allow us to achieve that thing. Those who are successful are brilliant at doing this!

Now telling a secretly jealous person about your business will induce inception of thought that streams from the area of business you told them about. Therefore because they are actively thinking about what you said, they produce thoughts in their minds too. The ability to think about something is to “Pull that idea of reality from the universe towards the physical reality we experience”, depending on what the thought is based on i.e. must be a thought about wanting or doing something. So now like pulling strings, they are pulling that idea towards them.


Ideas are infinite, but some people can focus on the same ideas. This is dependant upon how much time someone spends on that idea and determines whether a person actually owns that idea in their experience. If one person tells 10 secretly jealous people their business, then that is already 10 people thinking about that one thing. This means your strength for pulling that idea towards you is weakened by other thoughts. You’re automatically at a disadvantage.

So think carefully about who you share your business with!

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