Karmic Lessons – How karma and energy works

There’s something I truly believe and I want to express on this page…

Throughout my life, I have always had people who have shared a deep interest in being successful. I know people want to be successful naturally but these people talk and think about it daily. From a young age, individuals like myself and others have excelled at different types of curricula across the board whether it has been scientific, artistic, sports-based or media based areas. We are given what I call a “willpower on autopilot” in our lives at childhood to adolescence, that gives us a strong opportunity to do well at these things, it’s almost like it is needed for us to see our true potential. As young people (Young being below the age of 16) we are not aware of this potential power we manifest within our thoughts and actions, we believe this is how things are and will always be. As you get older you begin to gain hallmark experiences that will shape what decisions you make and how you act in particular situations.

How it works

These lessons are used in order to help us grasp that potential that was not foreseen at an early age but is a realisation the older you get. But all of a sudden the stakes are higher now, because the older you get, your will to do things becomes harder. In your head your saying “But I know I can do this, I just know it… I’ve done it before” which is right you can, but the difference is your willpower, or this guidance of energy you had before is declining in its own will to help you. So now you have to learn how to harness willpower yourself and learn to keep it, it’s the only way.

The reality of things

Many of us have had ideas in our heads, written them down, made grand plans for them, and then when it comes to crunch time there’s no action, yet you know you can act and should act upon whatever you have planned to do… I remember this being called Procrastination. Quotes blaming procrastination to be a friend of the Devil is dangerous because the worst thing you can do is blame something/someone else for your lack of action. It’s almost as if your saying, I’m not in control.

Here’s the truth

I believe there are two real emotions we feel Love and Fear. We aspire and would Love to reach our goals, but we are afraid to act on them “Aw I dunno, it’s not the right time… I need to plan this better… People might laugh at me… I don’t have money” personally I think they’re all excuses, not that I know any better but experience has told me that they are. My advice to you is to JUST DO IT! And this means if you really really wanted to do something, that “something” will come first and everything else falls back. We all know that money speeds up the process but you can also work on your networking skills with the right people, set up schemes on the net that can allow you to be recognised in the field desired. You need to be persistent. I WANT THIS AND I WILL GET IT AT EVERY COST. You have to be a certain way with the Universe, you can’t trick it, you have to understand its flow through the people you meet, how they are with you and how you should act towards them. Basically understanding the pattern of how to be on the right side of karma and so on. All of these things are almost like the stars you get in Super Mario that will allow you to get from A to B easier.


Once you’ve learned your Lessons based on your experiences, (what we call life) your calling for your goals and dreams will be begging for you to act; And you MUST ACT. Otherwise like other things, the opportunity window may close and you don’t want that. Act on what you must.

Remember everyone is not the same, and not everyone can relate to excelling at a young age (whatever it may be in), but we can all relate and learn from similar experiences. Once you’re on the road to realisation you must act when you act you are on the road to enlightenment.

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