You can’t Love poor – Lessons in Love

Can you love poor… *I hear loads of you saying “pssh hell no!” and others a little more reserved with their response”

I Just want you to close your eyes for 10 seconds. Think about what the word poor means to you.

Are you done? Good. Well, some of you may have held a stereotypical image of a hobo on the street… Or possibly thought about a situation when you’ve felt financially poor at some point in your life. Whatever you thought about definitely changed your mood that either triggered an ill or sad feeling; if it was associated with a negative concept of poor.

With regards to romantic love, poor to me is a mentality and a physicality that can operate singularly or in unison (N.B. When regarding to love in this post I am referring to romantic love).


The person with a “poor” mentality is the one who does not consider what it is to love someone in a relationship. They are in the relationship-driven mainly by possibly lustful reasons, other reasons lie behind cash money, status that their partner brings, or even the feeling of “I’m getting somewhere” with this person in my life; but you don’t love them. It’s a measure of love that is mistaken for the entity Love. So things start to break down because when these reasons are not fulfilled regularly to the mentally poor individual, they are not interested anymore, whilst the other person may not consciously be aware of this. The other partner (the one being “loved” so to speak) can not guarantee that they can always fulfil these hallmark reasons for why they are loved by their lover in the first place.

Here’s a scenario

Anything could happen… You could lose all your money in a day or lose that high-flying job. That’s when you hear… “erm I don’t think it’s working out, we need time out”- this line is an opportunity for you to fix up and present to them consciously and physically the reason for why they got into the relationship in the first place. The point is, when Love is in control, the mentality of the individual changes, you consider you as well as the person you are Loving, it’s a natural give and take relationship.

Conclusions on mentality

There are no boundaries or limitations set up in one’s mind. Don’t find someone to fill the void and call it love. Don’t be with someone because you feel you need to be, or because you just broke up with someone, it’s a vicious cycle that won’t be cured only until you realise what you are doing, you will forever be mentally poor. It needs to be real. What is real love… That’s for another post my friends 🙂


Now this part relates to one of my previous posts called “I don’t want to be a bar magnet” and possibly the “patterns” post too. Now if you want to be successful do you really want to bring home a poor individual with no prospects at all? Well I don’t, whether it seems rude to say so I am not one who wants that essence of poor, because love may be blind but initially it has an attractive classified quality towards a personal preference. I see it as “hang with the poor and you are poor, hang with the rich and you are rich”.

This is an analogy rather than something to be taken literally in the financial context. The people in your life carry an energy that automatically affects the path you take whether you realise it or not. They are part of your experience so they are variables that have the ability to change your mindset. “You are what you think, you do what you think, and i guess you see what you think”.

Spot the difference

It is different if the person carries themselves as mentally rich person in the sense that there is potential embedded within them; they are genuinely good people, and there’s possibility for prospects when given the chance (some people maybe divided on this and it as contradictory but nonetheless it is a possibility), but if they don’t have these traits, why are you making life hard for yourself? Because you love them? Please rethink and don’t irritate anybody including your future self! Love and confusion is not a rarity in today’s society, it is often mixed up with high expressions and feelings of lust and sex, even though these are part of the mix for loving someone. I’m not a believer in this whole love at first sight as it is a series of initial and positive events that give the interpretation and feeling of love at first site.

The initial events that led to feelings felt to your partner determines whether you confidently say that it was love at first sight. Remember being a genuinely good person doesn’t count for anything in this world, nor does being bad, you need to be good but smart at the same time, then you have a recipe for success.

Variations of a lover

  1. Poor mentality, poor physicality- Avoid
  2. Poor Mentality, Rich physicality- Avoid (subjective especially to apparent “go gettas”)
  3. Rich Mentality, poor physicality- Ok (Subjective, depends on the situation and how strong the individual is) (4) Rich Mentality, Rich Physicality- Definitely go for!!!!

I definitely can’t love poor but if you can because you love them, congratulations and good luck to you both!

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