Everyone is an actor. Everyone

If the world was a stage, we’d be its actors, with some actors who play their role well and others who don’t. Some actors will have roles closer to their natural form, and others more unnatural. Given time the actors will continue to take on their role with pride, extending their talent towards a greater audience. Once a greater audience is developed, the confidence and ability to act is encouraged in ones own mind. There you have it, a Macbeth in the making where people improve their acting skills under personalised stress and reasons !

Now when describing the word actor in this sense, I am using it with reference to people not displaying their true self as individuals amongst their peers. They may feel the need to act slightly different in order to maintain a relationship based on respect, fear, or control over that person(s). The ability to act is an art because it means you must be able to acquire patience, and be skilled in behavioural analysis, lying, and control over the expression of your face and actions when an emotion is triggered. People act in order to obtain a desired outcome no matter how big or small the outcome is.

Perception is key, if you can create an image of what another person believes your current state of affairs or emotions to be, then you are in control of their thoughts and therefore can force them to make actions that you want them to make. People can do this by partially telling the truth, but not revealing too much, and they can do this with a number of individuals to make them feel important. Information you give to someone is critical as it can be used very easily for manipulation, especially if you are a good actor. You can always tell a good actor from a bad one, when someone lies badly their movements and expressions seems to be imbalanced, or there is a noticeable change in their face. Some find it hard to look at you in the relaxed way they normally do, whilst others will ask random questions in order to get you to answer a question that results in secondary confirmation of them having knowledge of a particular thing they say they don’t have knowledge on.

What I’d like to say is, you can’t rely 100 % on what people say, because the chances are they haven’t told you the whole truth. What you can trust is a situation because they are all relative and unique to an individual, and if you can assess an individual in a given situation, then you can measure how much of an actor they really are. The more people acting on stage, the better you can suss them out ! Trust your instincts on assessing whether someone is being truthful or not, because that way you will make decisions that will benefit you on the long run, provided you are normally right about people based on their behaviour and actions.

Oh yeah and don’t forgot, you’re an actor as well, if you do decide to act, remember who your audience are because you might not be able to out act them ! Be diplomatic and compromise people and situations, then you can display created perceptions towards others !

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  1. this is great mate, got me thinking…to live a fruitful, care free and enjoyable life is much like a play…unfortunately many people are way under rehearsed haha

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