Merry Christmas to All!

So there is only one day until Christmas, and yet those of you born in the early 90s and below are most probably dwindling out of the whole enthusiasm for the festive season. It used to be a time where we anticipated the rush to open presents as a family (mind you that still may be apparent), it used to be a time where there was a build up and excitement towards the day, yet that seems missing as we age. Too be honest with you not much has changed but our perspective towards it has, we are more excited about staying at home in the warmth, watching Pixar Animation Films, or the Lord of the Rings trilogies. We have more of a buzz towards wining and dining with our nearest and dearest members of your family, or simply just playing on our new PS4s.

Christmas may not have that same respect as we get older, but nonetheless it still means something to us as a society, as a nation that ritualistically celebrate a day of reminiscence, relaxation and festivities. Whether it is for pagan, secular or religious reasons it brings people together and is something to talk about amongst your peers. Christmas even affects business both financially before the run up towards it, and on the day where no one works (apart from the few convenience stores). Cocaine Cola knew what they were doing when they were one of the first to advertise Santa in his red and white outfit, bearing Coke far and wide!

Christians are taught that it is a time to remember the birth of their divine king, the Light of the world, the Word made flesh, Jesus, Yeshua, Joshua and the Messiah. It is a time where evil will perish and everlasting light shall reign again, it is a time where sin will be rid of the world and gracefully paid for via the crucifixion of Christ. Astronomers, astrologers, anthropologists and many more have researched and studied through their work, that the ancients rejoiced on the 25th of December because it signified the rising of the Sun. Every year on the 22nd of December in the northern hemisphere, winter solstice, the Sun is at its lowest point in the sky, and stays in that position for three days, on the 25th of December the Sun rises by 1° and faces the constellation Virgo (depicted by Mary the Immaculate conception) in the east; to many this signifies the constellation Virgo (Mary), literally giving birth to the Sun (her Son, Jesus). This is also in conjunction with the fact that the star Sirius in aligned with “The Three Kings” on Orion’s belt on the 24th of December. The Sun continues to rise until darkness is overcome by light on the 21st of March (the season of the Ram/Aries signifying sacrifice), and the days begin to get longer up until June 21st (summer solstice; the longest day of the year).

Christmas means something to many people, more so than some would admit, and represents a lot for some, whether in an  astronomical, religious, or secular sense. St. Nicholas or Santa Claus will definitely be happy of one thing, and that is it brings people together, it is a great excuse for unity and peace upon the globe. Perspectives will be mixed towards the real meaning of Christmas, but regardless the myths and the truths are part of the reasons why Christmas is unique to other “Happy Holidays”. Whether you anticipate it or not, Christmas is Christmas and that means something within your psychology, whether it seems to be important or not.

To end I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, whatever that may mean to you!

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