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New Age vs Old Age

It is very clear to me that there are two definite social groups emerging in our society today. New Age thinkers and Old Age thinkers. I am describing a New Age thinker as a person who is breaking away from the forms and information provided by conventional means, such as from:

  • the mainstream media
  • “popular” health institutions
  • some religious orders and so on

Old Age thinkers are people who are comfortable in their worldly view. This has been harboured by their experiences, cultures and what close family and friends have said to them.

I am highlighting these types of thinkers to possibly demonstrate the differences between the two and why the difference is important.

Your mind is a gift

First thing is first we have been given a mind to think with and use logically as well as creatively to create a clear picture of our reality. Our thoughts also allow us to use our brain to fine-tune perception i.e what we perceive is what we hold as reality. It is extremely important to realise this because if we have been misled somehow, or the constant information we receive on a daily basis is false, then our ideals, beliefs, and core understandings are being supported by a false reality. Now for some this may not be a problem, what you don’t know won’t hurt you right? You see the funny thing is that is the very problem because it can hurt you. If you knew that cows were injected with a growth hormone called rBST, which causes illness, pussing and contamination of the milk in udders, and dehydrated dying cows, you may think twice about your beef and milk. But you may not necessarily know that. But why do others know of this, how do they know of this (if it is true)? It’s because they are New Age thinkers.

Read between the lines

There is something fundamentally important that needs to be pointed out, and that is that a New Age thinker may be misinformed/disinformed about the information they have deduced to be true, but the point is clear, there is an attempt to understand things for him/herself. If you merely just rely on information passed onto you, that’s when mass brainwashing is maintained, and everyone continues to be a clone of one another. Why not establish whether or not traditional/mainstream information is valid or true from your deductive and analytic reasoning, and then with research solidy your answer.

We cannot continue to be out of touch with ourselves and the needs of society, otherwise we cannot evolve, we become static sheep in this ever-changing technologically advancing society. We need to be in tune with our world, our environment, our people and be as crystal clear, with clearly understanding the information given to us. Unfortunately, nothing is given to us black and white, because there are ulterior motives attached to that misled information.


People ask me “Mike, why do you write these posts on your blog, is it a form of self-expression?”. What I say is yes in some sense it is, but above all I want to be part of the active process of making people think critically, especially when it is becoming so crucial to do so nowadays. I want people to fully decide for themselves what they believe to be true, exploring all possible (not necessarily relevant to them) avenues. That way we can decide as a people what we want our society to be like.

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