Crazy or Calculated! – The truth behind it all

“She’s Crazy man! Why is she acting like that? Is she sick?!” These are all phrases we have heard or used, I know I’ve certainly used them “Is she sick?” But why are we so fast to deem someone as crazy. What does crazy mean? Is it someone who does not fit the normal social behaviours that are consciously expected amongst individuals within a local society? Or is it even someone who is a good actor?

Here are the definitions for crazy on the web:

  1. Mentally deranged, esp. as manifested in a wild or aggressive way
  2. Extremely enthusiastic
  3. Appearing absurdly out of place or in an unlikely position

I like definitions 2 and 3 because it most suits the idea of crazy we support when we call someone crazy within our society. People can be very Enthusiastic and people and Appear to be absurdly out of place. So possibly being crazy is an appearance, an act that is a manifestation possibly caused by a set of experiences that occurred in the past, or even a way to present yourself via an influenced understanding of what you may think life will be like if you were to act “normal”. There’s also random craziness which unfortunately cannot be explained by me at this time. But there’s nothing random about constitutively active “crazy individuals”. They’ve gotten through life the same way as everyone else, but viewing and doing things from a different perspective. They are able to marry, have kids, be in a successful job all without being sent to a “mad home”. So they’re not crazy, it’s “appearance”.

Not that we have all the time in the world but maybe if we properly assess and analyse why a person is the way they are, maybe we will understand them better. It goes back to a previous blog of “playing dumb”, if you assume they are crazy, they can play on that and mish-mash with your head because you’re always going to dismiss them as Crazy. These individuals crazy will be on the radar possibly for the wrong reasons (i.e. their craziness) relative to their actual movements of success. Before you know it, this crazy individual has achieved great things in life, and you will never understand how they did it. It’s because they weren’t crazy to begin with…

There is a subset of Universal rules/morals which I believe people at least understand if not follow, but when these rules are illogically abused and ignored for reasons not understood in a logical manner (i.e. taking into consideration everything and everyone to your knowledge), then I would call you crazy. There’s another scenario when people “act confused” but they are not confused, they have decided to act on something knowing it is wrong (universally wrong) but they screen the word confusion to allow others to perceive them as confused. They know the deal within their heads and can play with it for as long as they can.

So next time you call someone crazy, think whether they actually are?

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