Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

Hi guys! I thought I’d take this time to talk about moving closer towards achieving desired goals on your journey, mainly through mastery and teamwork. Many of us like the idea of wanting to know how to do things for ourselves, and so head off learning or practicing particular arts or trades that makes us skilled in a particular area. If you are this person Great! Keep on doing this. However they do say in life that too much of anything is bad for you, and so is too little of anything. Where am I heading with this, well ask yourself this ‘Is it far better to be a jack of trades, or a Master of one?’ Deciding which one is better will reveal a characteristic about yourself that you may not have realised. Starting off with life I realised I was pretty good at most things, and learnt quickly, but my problem lies within the fact that I haven’t mastered one thing. Maybe I am in the process of Mastery, yet I have not discovered what that is yet. My challenge to you is to discover what you want to master, and master that thing! The beauty of life demonstrates to us that we have the opportunity to learn continuously, and that is how we grow, mature, and develop into beings of substance. Mastery begins with a simple question or vision obtained from experiences, so focus on that, and let that be your mantra until life begins unveiling it to you.

So far this post has focused on the individual but now I want to steer it towards something a bit more collective. I went to a motivational seminar on the weekend just gone, and two phrases stuck out to me from it

1) Your Networth is your Network… and

2) “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork“.

Extremely cheesy lines but ones that make total sense when you pick at their layers. It is extremely important to get yourself out there and network with people, as you will always find someone that has similar tastes to you, or better yet they could be someone who could be of great assistant towards you achieving your dream. Communication has rapidly increased in the form of the internet in the past 30 years, and it has created a union between space and time i.e. you can find out what is happening in another country within seconds, or you can do business overseas with the use of the internet instantaneously. Networking is the interaction and exchanging of information in order to develop professional or social contacts! So having a strong network, and staying true and loyal to them is key for expansive growth and even adaptability within an ever changing society. Networking is so important because it is the fun side of business endeavours, it is a chance to create an “external team”, it is the opportunity to enhance advertising, and better still it is the point in which ideas become reality.

Why does Teamwork make the Dreamwork? Put plain and simply, you cannot do it on your own! Has anyone achieved anything on their own, no; do people think they have, yes. What if you knew you couldn’t do it on your own and you developed a team which specialises within various fields that will enable you to improve a particular aspects of your game or business? It can only enhance and accelerate progress. Can you get just anybody to be part of your team? No. You must get specialists, where your trust in them in based on their knowledge and understanding within a specified area of your business, goal or game as well as relationships developed overtime. Teamwork is defined as the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficientTeamwork is brilliant for character building, and again is an active learning process where you will discover more possibilities imponderable beforehand. I do agree that people are responsible for what happens in their life, and that also the karmic energy of life throws in “negative experiences” to humble us, give us patience, and prepare us for greater heights in life, but I also believe that during your journey of enlightenment, these humbling experiences tell us that we need others around us to get through situations, and make our dreams a reality.

As a famous african sky station once said “The more you live, the more you learn” (O.B.E)and it’s true. Whatever you are trying to learn make sure you focus on simple vision or question, and remember rome was not built in one day, it also wasn’t built by one man…  

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