There’s no such thing as luck

Luck is believed to be a phenomena or an event that occurs out of control of the individual that experiences a positive effect. But really is it out of our control, or are we mistaking no control for subconscious thought ? If you really want something you do everything in your reality to achieve that very thing. That is prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and any other form of preparation necessary. With luck, it is the ability for the individual to deeply want, a deep want that stretches towards the reality at which what they desire exists, whether it is aligned with their current reality or not. It may seem like luck because it may be unexpected due to the fact that there was no planning behind how that phenomena or event occurred.

What explains the element of surprise if it is what they wanted ? Well there’s a number of ways a person can be surprised, one of them is where the individual knew that they would achieve that very goal but had no idea how. The other element of surprise is where they did not even expect to achieve it all, yet they continue to think of that very thing immensely (whether their thoughts are on autopilot or not), which enables them to draw that frequency of success towards them.

Understanding how luck works means you understand how pulling strings works, because you “become lucky” all the time. Luck and coincidence pretty much stem from the same core and understanding. Luck does not exist, thought alone draws existence and reality into a sentient beings current time-space through their minds, but it’s for that being to understand how it works in order to move away from the idea of randomness, and rather realise that there are rules and patterns that can be learnt and distinguished easily when understood. Life is full of colour and order, nature is not random, and claiming the word lucky abuses and ignores its magnificence of how nature has allowed us to be in control in a way that is not as mystical as it seems. The “mystery” may stem from the fact that there is no current non-metaphysical personal rational thought to explain the sequences of the lucky event, yet it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Real power is gained through understanding, not knowledge. Understanding produces the ability to think and act in a given situation, relative to just knowing, where no real action is taken. So to say “Good Luck” assumes that the person has thoroughly been thinking and wanting to achieve a particular goal, with knowledge that it is very probable of occurring in alignment with their current time and physical form of reality. Saying nothing doesn’t so much destroy the chance of that event from happening to your associates, but if the understanding behind what luck means is misunderstood, then it has no effect; you might as well say nothing. It is just as good to say nothing but focus your energy on ensuring your associate achieves that very thing, it is the action of processing that “Good Luck” into a desired reality.

So there is no such thing as luck, but a strong measure of want that allows the universe to flow in your favour, and produce the results that you want; expected or unexpected! I hope this made sense, I wish you the best of luck 😉

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