How to be positive – “I don’t want to be a bar magnet”

I don’t want to be a Bar Magnet but I do want to be positive! And here’s why…

The basic understanding of a bar magnet is that it has two poles, north pole and south pole. The Like poles repel each other and opposite poles attract each other, makes sense? You ever heard the saying “Opposites Attract”? Well, in this case, I fully disagree, (as you are subject to opinion I am also).

I believe that everything is energy, essentially everything you sense in your environment is a different form of energy manifested in various frequencies. As human beings, we appear to be complex relative to other things such as pebble, but a pebble still is energy just wired differently to that of a human.

People and Energy

There are many who have had a friend who has always been there in their life, and on the surface, things seem brilliant to others, but in reality, they are not because they are a serious burden. This is known as negative energy because they are loading their stresses onto you, and automatically negative things may happen to you without you having the power to stop these things. Some people are donators of energy, whereas others are vampires that sap your energy clean. As a sentient being, you have the power to prevent any form of energy sapping from happening in your life by progressively or immediately remove that source of that negativity; it may also be good to acknowledge that at times you may be that negative friend…

What do you want?

So do you or I really want negative people in our lives… NO! Get rid of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE because that way you will produce ripe positiveness in your life that you never thought you’d receive. It’s a good feeling and absolutely refreshing, it’s as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and you have been removed from the shackles of misfortune; trust me I would know 😉 … Even if that person is a nice person, yet they produce negativity in your life, just keep your distance because being nice even though it plays the part of a “positive characteristic” (to an extent) it is not necessarily a positive outcome to you in your life.

There are circumstances when your friends or family do appear to change, and I mean real hard earned noticeable change (in my language that resorts to perfected acting, unless it comes from a core changing spiritual life changing experience). Then it is your choice to decide whether you’d gamble on any potential negativities unfolding back into your life by them, or whether you’d accept this “new found change” and hopefully it will add to your positiveness.


Remember, keep positive people in your life at all times its the way forward. Whether you think so or not I believe we are responsible for virtually ALL direct things in our life, Take control…

So no I don’t want to be a Bar Magnet…

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