I’m Bursting I really need to go!!!

Imagine this if this hasn’t already happened to you-

“So you have a lavish meal and it looks extremely appetising, yet it wasn’t what you called for in the long run… On your way to work you begin to feel your stomach rumble and growl, even roar and it is quite embarrassing. You also begin to feel uneasy and unsettled, and you can’t even sit down without shaking your right leg vigorously up and down. You know what the cause of your current distressed state is, yep you guessed it, it was that lavish meal you had earlier… You wished you didn’t have work today so you could use the loo at home in order to release the toxicity inside you that is causing you upmost discomfort, yet out of pride and morals, or even fear you do not use the toilet at work because that is such a disgraceful act to commit; using another toilet other than your own. What do you do? Do you wait and just release gas in segments, do you feel uneasy and easy again in fluctuating cycles, or do you not think about it and eventually begin to feel extremely ill after waiting for so long, to the point where you feel like you’re gonna die? You begin to release your gas and you feel embarrassed because people at work are noticing something is wrong with you; you’re getting more attention than you want right now. You say nothing is wrong and it’s not that serious… But to you it really is, just feels a little embarrassing. The day has ended and you rush home to realize it’s too late, and you have leaked a little bit, segmentation of your controlled gas did not work and backfired, and now you’re in even more of a pickle. You realeased alright but in your bottoms.


Interesting scenario isn’t it? Well I hope it is. Most of us can relate to this whether it is in a literal context or a metaphorical one. The word that I’m focusing on is release! The ability to release is a gift truly given us, for those who believe in a higher power and/or being. With regards to this scenario I am using it as an analogy for an individual to express themselves and release anything locked up that they feel they cannot say, due to fear, pride or stubbornness. To keep something inside you does not mark change, or the ability to overcome an event, it does however indicate a sense of fear against what others may feel towards your very thing that you have locked up. Some may want to express themselves but fear shuts them down, they only don’t realise being locked up can destroy them and kill them silently. The more things are shoved to the back of your mind, the more you are prone to not being able to stably control your emotions and thoughts to things that may directly or indirectly relate to that very thing you are locking up. If you constantly download files to your PC and do not clean it up, eventually yours PC’s processing unit will not be able to cope with the high amount of files and will slow down, preventing it from carrying out it’s function as a PC effectively and efficiently! So the best thing to do is delete unnecessary files and cleanup your desktop!

To lock things up is like drinking a poison that eventually begins to get easier to drink but phenotypically portrays an individual to look unhealthy and unstable. We have a mouth to voice out what we must, we have an excretory system and urinary system to release biochemical substances that are harmful to us. It is important to release and express negative and bad vibes that relate to past events or activities that may have shaped our lives potentially forever. The word potentially is used, because any potential has the ability to change for the better or worse depending on the choices we make.

Now self-expression cannot be done by heart, i.e. just to any old Tom, Dick and Harry. It needs to be done to someone you love and trust, whether that is a family member, friend, partner, dog or even childhood teddy bear! Once expression has taken place you are marking a footstool for change, change of your very being, and any subconscious characteristics that shaped you previously.

Never be afraid to express yourself, because it is helping you release the poison that was once inside you. There’s no point having an upset tummy, if you can’t tell your mummy! (sorry I got carried away I don’t think that is even relevant). The point is if you have something to express, or want to do it, more important do it to the right person(s). The more you express it to that person(s) the better you feel, because you are taking the medication you need that is known in the form of self-expression. Talk about how you feel and don’t be afraid. Feelings are an indicator of your minds state, and therefore if you know you can’t do something about it, expression to someone else may help to stabilize your state of mind that has held you possibly captive for long periods of time within the very depths of your mind.

Remember the opposite of fear is Love, so express your fears/feelings to the ones you Love, and Love shall respond to you in a surprising way you never imagined possible.

N.B It is understandable that trust is an issue for many people so if you do feel you cannot tell individuals nothing then don’t be forced to (especially in rare moments when your very life may depend on it, a rational decision must then be made if it affects other individuals, more markedly loved ones, or a vast number of people). The point is, if you want to express yourself but find it hard to, you must say it based on the fact that you “want to” tell that person(s). It is a progressive process, but leads towards a positive light…

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