Have you ever thought that there is more than one version of you in the universe? I certainly have, and I believe there is! When we want to achieve something in life, we decide whether we allow our reality to out live that achievement, or whether we allow our other realities to reap all the rewards. We know that the other versions of ourself exist because we imagine achieving goals in our head. This means that another form of you has already achieved this and there are many forms of us that haven’t achieved this goal, so it is up to us to begin working towards it, otherwise other forms of you will accomplish that goal as every split second passes by. If this happens it means that you are not able to easily “Pull the strings” of that version of reality into your life because it is being pulled away from you by yourself i.e the other versions of you in the universe, as well as the associates that accompany those many forms of you!

There are so many different types of you in the uni-verse (or multi-verse as some theoretical physicists have proclaimed). As dumb as it sounds there’s every single form of you within this universe that you can think imaginable, a black you, a white you, a fat you and tall you, you may even be in the form of a dog, a green talking giraffe, you never know, no one has explored the universe except for our imagination and minds.There is a lot we are not aware of but I hold these beliefs to be true in my mind. I see it as I am competing against all my other forms of myself in order to reach my enlightened utmost form ahead of all my other versions.

It begs the question to ask whether all these forms are representations of a core you that has a conscious that is embedded within the vehicles of all the bodily forms of yourself (whatever the body may be). It would make sense, because our connections are based on imagination, telepathy, deja vu; especially when it comes to imagining yourself being successful. There are forms of you in the universe that are imagining your reality right now and by default confirms your presence on the universe, as well as theirs too. This idea of Hypothesis-Test-Result-Conclusion doesn’t always fit well with the way we see things initially. The point being made is that hard-core science cannot (yet) prove this idea, but the subjection of one’s mind can, which is not enough for some people.

There’s a lot more I can expand on this idea that generates the notion that if there are many other different forms of each other within the uni-verse, then surely the people living within our reality are forms of us? We all experience life in different forms and ways. May be we are walking alongside our forms but they are distally highlighted to us in the form of ourselves hence why some people may have connections with others, or relate to people on a particular level. Who knows?

Anyway this is just an idea I have and live by, it works for me… Competing against myselves!

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  1. That is incredibly fascinating. I don’t think I’ve ever read about the possibility of there being multiple “yous”. Enjoyed the post, & look forward to reading more!

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