Focus on your focus

Everyone at times feels alone and not complete, especially if they do not have “real friends”, loved ones or intimate ones around them. This is very depressing and can create a shell for you that inhibits any sense of inspiration attainable. You try to find motivation to carry on with life enthusiastically, but like Tony Robbins quite rightly says “Motivation has no substance!”. Inspiration is what you need. A sense of self recognition and appreciation for the fruits you bare in life. Look at what you have objectively and write down the positives in your life! Also write down what you want and pray and meditate on it, it is important because it is about you! You need to fully people in what you want otherwise you won’t get it!

Remember, it is important to have a focus! Create a plan of what you are aiming for, what you want to achieve and what success means to you, more importantly how your success will make you feel; this should be as detailed and as colourful as possible. This plan is a solution and an enabler that will allow you to spur up a sense of self generated inspiration that will drive you towards your focus. As you get older your circle of trust, whether it be associates, friends and close ones are people who are a partial version of you, mini-mirrors, quite like Aristotle explains it. The closer you are to your focus, the closer you are to more like minded people as you! At the end of the day you create the environment you need in order to get as focused as you can for whatever it is you desire. Your drive and focus creates a universal electromagnet that connects spirits together hence why relationships form, friendships or lovers alike. Have a focus whatever it is and the right kind of people will pour into your life.

Tony Robbins- Who you spend time with is who you become! Change your life by consciously choosing to surround yourself with people with higher standards!

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