Why struggle equals success

People say they want to be successful and don’t necessarily understand what they mean by this statement. Is it that they want to live a lifestyle full of restful holidays and leisure? Is it that they desire some form of elite business that generates ample supply of money? Whatever it is it seems that the very idea of success makes people happy. But what generates this source of happiness? Is the very core of their characteristic and human experience that accrues an idea of success in their eyes, or has it been misplaced by the conditioning set upon many by forms of social media?

It is clear to some that there are many who have been successful in their own right by struggling for what they believe is their calling in life. Success so to speak to them is attaining their goal(s) and becoming a mastered professional within that field. Success is understanding the epitome and very nature of what you desire to be successful in. In order to reach this point you need to develop a sense of sacrifice.

Scary as it seems sacrifice is a necessary means that those on a road to glory must take to fully establish what they think they deserve theirs. What impedes their progression to success is impatience, pride, and procrastination, yet a true master perpetuates a spiritual or soul guiding journey towards the road of “enlightenment“. Even though the path can be perceived as initially ill and bleek, drive mixed with the passion of desire can seek a positive environment that will eventually get you to your destination, Success! Why is struggle needed? In order to make one truly comprehend that what they want is truly what they want, as well as how to become a fully qualified master in their trade. Success means wisdom, and that road to wisdom is the struggle that one must take.

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