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What is the point of living life if you are not going to live it to the best of your ability! Have fun to 100%, work smart 100%, look good 100% do everything at 100%! There is a problem though… We are human and so 100% maintenance in all areas of your life, all the time is a difficult task to achieve and you’ll probably get ill. The secret lies in three main things, learn how to plan, learn how to schedule and learn how to act.

If you have a plan for your goals, a flexible schedule and a way to measure your success you’ve started well!

Your plan should allow you to allocate sufficient time to learn whatever it is that will enable you to eventually master your trade. Make your plan specific to you and your needs, whether this involves financial planning, time management, social analysis, whatever it is make it as specific as possible, because that way you have something to measure. Tim Ferris bangs on about “measurement being key to success” in his book The 4 Hour-body, and he is right, it is the only way you know you are on track with your tasks. What you measure you must record! Keep a log of your progressive steps and failures so you understand how affectively you are performing a particular task.

Understand how you use your time. We have more than enough time in the day, otherwise reality wouldn’t consider 24 hours in a day, society and our conformity to it has robbed us from truly utilising and allowing for time efficiency. Look at what blocks up your time and see how you can reduce it. If you feel you still can’t do reduce these blocks, look at what time you have available and schedule in time for “sacrificial activities” and “leisurely activities” so you have a balance for productive work, and productive resting. A calendar is brilliant so I would use this to the max on your phone.

Acting is important and I define acting in two senses! The first is the ability to execute your plan and schedule. It is imperative that you follow through, because your life is at stake here, your ability to be the very best you can be is on the line! What is the harm in acting on something, at least if you try something out you have an experience to recall on and say “Well that didn’t work” or “That worked quite well!”. Life is purely based on experimentation and learning from it. That’s how we grow as a culture, a society and as a people. The second type of acting is the ability to control your emotions. Expression and emotion is key to making the human species special. An emotion may quicken a process or prohibit it, so knowing how to control how you feel is important. It takes practice and understanding of ones self to fully master this. When you feel sad your whole mood changes and so do your thoughts… There’s an idea your thoughts change too, so if you can control your state of emotional being, you can control your thoughts better, and hence steer reality how you want it to steer. If you want to learn how to do this check out Tony Robbins Personal Power, it’s brilliant, you’ll learn how doing silly things in the mirror makes you change your thoughts!

So remember plan, schedule, act, repeat!


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