Leadership, Fear and Positioning

The best way to develop your Leadership is to put yourself in a situation where you have to lead by example. Taking the first step and taking action towards a goal will make you recognised as a leader. I have done this for a huge proportion of my life, not because I was aiming to be a leader, but because I realised people were hesitant to take action, have responsibility or ownership and therefore nothing was ever accomplished. I did not want to be held down by any form of limitations and decided to walk over to the side of fear and meet it in the face. It’s the only way (for me anyways) that I have been able to manage certain fears. It’s a split moment decision you make in order to take control of fears and go for your goals. Sometimes it is also a lot thinking in order to prime your mind to overcome the limitations of what you think the fear has to offer. Fear never disappears however it can be managed and appear less powerful than first imagined. Feel the Fear and do it Anyway – Susan Jeffers.

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