Purpose • Plan• Position (Short-clip)



I had my first talk of 2017 at a well-respected fundraising event for alumni raising money to re-build a school stricken by a 20-year war in Northern Uganda. The talk aimed to encourage and inspire the next generation to become innovators and systems leaders of today’s society. It boiled down to three main points: Purpose, Planning, and Positioning

If you’re looking for a passionate speaker who focuses on strategies in order for you to use your mindset as a tool for success, then I am your man! I get so much joy from moving an audience and getting those who are connected to what I am saying, to see that life is about positioning yourself for success. Using real life examples, current data and emotional ties I am able to invigorate a deepened passion, desire or enabled action. If you are interested in having me as your next speaker pop me an email.

For speaking engagements contact me via info@michaeltabirade.com

In your email please include the following:

  • Subject Line: “Speaking Engagement – [NAME] [SURNAME]”
  • What you currently do (Your position)
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Pricing and additional information shall be discussed and reviewed via email. If you are interested I look forward to hearing from you!

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