Mikhail Interviews Me on Careers, Culture and Personal Develop

Careers, Culture and Personal Development; topics that affect every single one of us. Mikhail Kotykhov an entrepreneur and lecturer reached out to me on the up-and-coming audio app “Anchor”. His aim is to develop online platforms to enable and empower non-English speaking business professionals to improve their English in an interactive and engaging way. The aim of this interview was to gain a perspective behind how a non-English speaking professional can maneuver themselves through a dominant English-speaking working environment and culture.

I think his initiative is a fantastic idea because it gives people a greater opportunity to collaborate and work together as one bigger family. This video interview contains a mix between Personal Development and how one can develop Personal Power, Cross-cultural Communication in the workplace, and how one can better position themselves as a commodity and leader in the working environment.

Please share this with anyone who their first language is not English, or a person who works with individuals who’s first language is not English. Any opportunity to help where our resources will us to is of a great satisfaction! You can find more about Mikhail via the following links below:





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