#65 How to start 2017 right!

You must know how to start 2017 right! It’s important! We need to prime ourselves into a position of strength so that we can take full advantage of what the year has to offer. But that offer is dependant upon what we recognise from the previous year, and what we PLAN bring into the New Year as lessons.


Identify what you are grateful for, and be aware of the lessons you have gained from 2016. How can you ensure 2017 will be stronger? What this video and see how…

Hey there! I’m Michael Tabirade and I help Personal Brands discover, develop and deliver their expert-based business using digital marketing.

I know it’s not easy trying to start your own business and still live the life you want to live. It takes extreme sacrifice, effort and energy to do it well, whilst competing with everyone else in your industry. It can be frustrating, and even though you don’t want to lose hope, secretly behind everyone who believes in you, you do… I know exactly how this feels…

Sometimes all you need is patience, and other times it’s a lack of knowledge and direction. So after many of my friends and family were asking for Business & Leadership help, I put together a programme to do just that…

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