The law of Appreciation (the basics)

There are many people in life who have people around them who have people that support them, improve their well-being and state of mind, as well as council them; the problem is that these people being helped display a lack of appreciation. Here are the definitions for appreciation: The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something; Gratitude for something. The definition is clear, the other party can recognise, as well as enjoy the good qualities another person is showing towards them, however, people either recognise the resultant act produced by the good qualities of a person, or simply just enjoy it; some do not do both…

It is very easy for an individual to recognise what another individual is doing for them, but is it appreciation? Could they enjoy the fact that their well-being and other things of theirs are being improved rather than acknowledging the fact that another individual is pushing them towards the light of the positive spectrum of success? It is no ones real job to help another person, people make a choice to based on love, respect, and how important they regard another individual. But the least another person can do to show appreciation is to thank the person, not showing ungratefulness by being rude, moody, and defensive, admitting their flaws and/or mistakes, or acting as if the person helping them is not needed and they could have done it all themselves. That does not mean to say that the person doing the helpful acts should act as if they are owed something, or behave in an ill manner towards the individual they’re helping. The concept of give and take should occur naturally without thought, because both people’s time and energy is being put into the equation.

Time can never be retrieved so appreciate the time someone gives you, because they are spending it on the people who may be dear to them or important to them (unless they want something out of it like opportunists or networkers), they recognize that their time is worth spending on you; not that they don’t have nothing better to do. Energy can never be destroyed or created, but is transferable and convertible, so the precious energy obtained from your food and surroundings needs to be spent for things worth while, rather than unnecessarily.

Appreciation is shown through acknowledging the thought and act someone else is doing for you; appreciation is not getting angry or abusive to a person especially when its for good intentions; appreciation is being selfless rather than being selfish and showing gratitude that you even have the opportunities and people you have in your life.

Be grateful for who you are, what you have, and the people in your life and the act of gratitude will uplift your fortune in your life!


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