A life worth living

You and I are alive today because we have a life worth living, a life we fought for at the beginning of our youth as a sperm cell; a race we won. Champions at heart we forget that this life is a life we have decided upon ourselves, yet we live as if we have been given something we don’t really want. The craziness about many people’s lives is that they do not understand the complete uniqueness and gift that has been given to them. The gift of life is so precious because it is an opportunity for you inner body i.e. the soul to experience and grow via the outer garment known as the human body. Growth is what we seek, yet conditioning from birth through our collective experiences has prevented us from making affirmative steps towards progressive growth.

Value what you have as a human being because value is what creates an understanding of the importance of a particular subject; in this circumstance you are the subject. Truly think about what makes you valuable? Why is your life worth living? Ask your friends what your strengths and weaknesses are? The funny thing about life is that those around us can easily write a thesis on your life, yet you would struggle to do one on for yourself; why is that? It is because we do not study ourselves astutely, we do not respect our lives, we do not know our self worth. If the education system could do one thing that was promising, it would be endorsing the education of understanding how to discover, be aware, and know oneself at different states. However we cannot blame the education system for our failure to understand our current human state. Not knowing your worth is probably the biggest reason, if not the only reason why people commit suicide, and why 95% of the world’s population only own 10% of the world’s wealth.

Take time out to really reflect on your life and try to understand:

  1. What makes you a valuable person, why is your life worth living
  2. What value means to you in your life
  3. What can you do to add value in your life
  4. What are your current strengths and weaknesses
  5. What people add value to your life
  6. What environments add value to your life


Really think deeply about these questions, write down your answers in a journal or a diary. Remember it’s not something that can be answered within minutes or even hours, it will take time to truly get genuine answers. If you find it difficult to answer these questions, allow some you trust but who won’t lie to you, to as objectively as possible help you answer the questions. This way you data and information you can analyse and interpret.

Remember be honest, stay true to you, and live a like of understanding yourself through autocommunication.

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