The Majority – How to stand out from the crowd

There is something wrong with the majority, they usually are wrong. Normally they are too focused on what is going on within their immediate environment and retrieve all their outside knowledge primarily from the mainstream media (that’s if they watch the news at all). The problem is reliance on such a big source where really they possibly have a very good advantage on twisting or manipulating the information they give to their nation. I say their nation because they are under immense control.

Now I am not saying that there is a problem with the news, I’m saying there is a problem with the viewers that watch it. Many people accept what they see and hear for face value rather than critically analysing it. They have the audacity to complain about a matter they don’t completely understand! It’s almost as if they are promiscuous to the game of media I.e. they accept any “Tom, Dick and Harry” of information.

Do not scrutinize me but I tell you the internet is the way forward and I’ll tell you why… It has an ocean of information that is not restricted to a newspaper bulletin format; it has people’s views and opinions on a matter; It has information that mainstream media are either too scared to use or purposely leave out of danger for devaluing a powerful and influential name, company or cause.

We have been given a choice in life to accept or to understand. If you understand what understand means you will change your ways of acceptance all the time. I’m talking about the type of acceptance that can kill slowly. Anything you believe to be official you should question because at the end of the day we are all human, and where there are humans involved there are lies, greed and deceit that aim to serve a higher purpose that is ALIEN TO YOU AND ME.

Be smart and think for yourself, don’t let someone think for you, especially a big organisation known as the media. If someone comes to you with an outrageous fact about the government, weather control and life on Mars, question why they say these things; there must be a source or information base where they get this information from. Why does that have to be so radical, why does it have to be a lie? It doesn’t have to be but the conditioning of society has told us we live in a restricted and limited society so creative things do not happen in our universe….
I’m here to tell you, YES THEY BLOODY WELL DO!

Life is endless and unlimited! If you don’t understand this grow up and go and search for something meaningful rather than the routine you will live by till you die! The word Conspiracy is the one true conspiracy within our planet… Think about that for a while.

I hope this has been a short good impacting read because I have randomly written this on the way to work.

Have a good day.

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