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Unlocking Efficiency: The Hierarchy of Delegation

I’ve recently been contemplating a concept I’ve crafted, and I’d like to introduce you to the Hierarchy of Delegation®. This idea emerged during one of those classic “shower thoughts” moments, as I pondered ways to enhance time management. While it may be particularly relevant to aspiring business owners or consultants, its principles hold value for everyone.

The Hierarchy of Delegation is centred around the notion that as you embark on a new medium to long-term project, you must acquire fresh skills. I’ve structured it into three distinct levels.

Level 1: Skill Acquisition and Experience

At the foundation of this hierarchy lies skill acquisition and the accumulation of experience. These fundamental elements equip you with a comprehensive understanding of what can be delegated effectively in the future. However, it’s important to recognize that accessing the ability to delegate demands an initial investment of either your time or money. This initial access opens the door to harnessing:

  • Code
  • Technology
  • Human resources

Level 2: Efficiency and Productivity

Once you’ve gained access to resources like code, technology, and a capable team, you’ll begin to reap the rewards of enhanced efficiency and heightened productivity. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that this stage isn’t without its challenges. Achieving optimal efficiency often necessitates ongoing observation and iteration. Sadly, many individuals shy away from this level, citing perceived financial constraints or the belief that navigating code and technology is overly complex. The key here is to take the initiative, experiment, and refine your approaches. If you find yourself consistently occupied with tasks that consume the majority of your time, explore opportunities for automation or delegation.

Level 3: Focus on Your Strengths

With newfound efficiencies, you’ll discover the luxury of time to concentrate on fewer activities that allow your talents and passions to shine. This phase often encompasses tasks like presentation, public speaking, or ideation, while other aspects are managed by someone or something else. It’s paramount to exercise the discipline necessary to avoid reverting to administrative tasks, as it’s pivotal for your personal and professional development.

Charting Progress

As you ascend this hierarchy, you’ll notice a significant transformation. The size of each level will invert, resulting in a structure that resembles an inverted pyramid.

For instance:

  • Level 1: which was the largest initially, will now become the smallest.
  • Level 2: will maintain its size.
  • Level 3: initially the smallest, will now become the largest.

Essentially, you’ll transition from a pyramid to an inverted pyramid, symbolizing your journey toward efficiency and delegation mastery.

The underlying message here is to encourage you to assess what tasks can be effectively delegated or automated, thereby liberating your time. And if these solutions require an investment of time or money, consider how you can generate more of both.

This may involve seeking:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Therapeutic support
  • Virtual assistants
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software solutions
  • Volunteer assistance
  • Sub-contractors

(Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive.)

I hope this concept offers you a fresh perspective and inspires you to craft a lifestyle that aligns with your aspirations.

Stay awesome!

Kind regards,

Michael Tabirade

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