Pursuing goals and Relationships

Some people are worried that if they get into a relationship they may not achieve the goals that they want to achieve. Some people are in a relationship and they feel like they can’t achieve their goals effectively. This is an interesting topic of discussion and it is dependant upon what both of your aims are in life. These are what I found counts when considering this question:

  1. Purpose – do either of you have a sense of purpose of ambitions that you want to achieve? Are they similar or very different?
  2. Maturity – how do you and your partner respond to drastic change, good or bad? What are the regular occurrences that happen when change happens?
  3. Vision – how far into the creative future can you see? Do your plans work hand-in-hand or is there a level of sacrifice that you have to make?
  4. Commitment – how committed are you to that person to make sure no matter what it takes both your plans and your relationship are going to work? What changes need to be made in order to accommodate this?
  5. Understanding – how much does your partner understand what you are trying to achieve? Do you understand their ambitions and goals and what process and effort is required to achieve them

Some relationships are definitely a hinderance and you have to make a decision to forget your goal or forget them. Sometimes it is also about education, and explaining to them what is required. It is all about balance and making sure you actually “Have a relationship”, but also contribute to your goals.

It is true that being single can help direct focus into your life in the long run and I would recommend it, however, you’ll be surprised what focus and ideas you can also adopt when you have someone watching over your shoulder and supporting you…

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