Mindset – How to Reprogram Your Mind | Michael Tabirade #136

Mindset is the established set of attitudes that one has. The shot this video in order to explain how one can change their mindset, especially for the start of this new year. Pretty much everything we do starts with mindset, and without the right set of attitudes, it’s pretty difficult to steer yourself to take consolidated action towards a specific goal. In this video, I aim to show you how you can reprogram your mind geared towards purposeful action

How do you change your mindset?

You militantly change your environment and habits to accommodate the habits required to achieve your chief aim in life. This involves changing your social circles and making them more supportive towards your goal. This also includes getting a mentor and coach that can funnel your actions in the right direction. Changing your mindset requires you to change your physical environment, which should be positioned in a way to help make you make decisions that facilitate affirmative actions that support your end goals.

Watch this video to the end in order understand how you can change your mindset and start your year in the right way. It can be easier than you think, but it starts with how you think!


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