The Ultimate Power of Visualization

Visualization is powerful if yielded the right way. It is the ultimate initial source of power that allows people to take the right sort of action. It was William Blake who once said: “Everything around us was once imagined…” Let that sink in for a bit. Visualization is described as the formation of a mental image of something. Before you are able to appropriately visualize anything, you need to have a goal and core belief in mind to allow you to visualize the right way. Belief and visualization trigger action, as they are reciprocal in nature i.e. if you can see it you can believe it, and if you believe it you can see it. Training your mind to be creative and acute with its mental imagery could be the very difference between achieving nothing and success. Here are some things to consider:

Have a goal in mind

Think of a goal that you want to achieve. This could be a business, life, social, financial, spiritual or career goal. Make sure that goal is clear in nature i.e. “I want to make £10,000 per month selling yoga mats via private labeling in the next 12 months.” This is a clear goal as it has a tangible want in numerical value, the activity involved, as well as the platform used, in addition to a time attached to it. Once you do this it allows you to see it more tangibly.

Do your Research

From there think about people who have done what you want to do and look at how they have done it. Check out their marketing, branding, strategies, and their stories (as an example). This will embed belief into your activities, and motivate you to take action. This can be done on Google, YouTube, Udemy, books, articles, and events. Do everything to immerse yourself into the world as much as possible.

See if for real

Create a digital and physical vision board that has a collection of pictures that represent the goal in your head. Print the pictures in colour and make sure they trigger a positive emotional reaction. Emotion is what activates the real desire to achieving a goal, so make sure the pictures chosen are right for you. Put it in a place that is hard to miss, like a wall in front of your bed or on your mirror, so you can see it daily.

Create a Vision statement

Doing a vision statement should paint a detailed picture of what it is you want to achieve. Write as much as you want, i.e.

  • where you are
  • who you are with
  • what you are doing
  • why you are doing it
  • how you are doing it
  • when you are doing it
  • what you are feeling (the ultimate feeling)
  • what you are thinking (the ultimate thoughts)

Being crystal clear is a therapeutic process, and allows you to see the achievement of your goal better. If this is typed, print it out and stick it on your wall or put it on the side of your bed to remind you of it. You can also attach it to something like Evernote or Google Keep and set a daily reminder to allow you to read it.

Pray and Meditate regularly

Meditate and pray for your goals. Use these forms of spiritual focus and relaxation to affirm your visions as realities, and commit to gratitude that it has already happened. When you learn to do this rather than ask for what you want, you are more likely to get it. It works, only if you have a strong belief and/or reason to believe so. Everything done before this step imbues your confidence more.

Take Action!

It’s pretty self-explanatory, the more action you take, the easier it is to visualize your goal as an actual reality. Action will be embedded driven by the above steps, as well making sure you stick to your plan. Develop a task-list and action plan to help construct your activities for the time-period you set yourself. If you need more structure, hire a business coach, as an example to help you get to the next step quicker and more efficiently. Listen to music, podcasts or watch YouTube videos, to inspire to take action!


And that is it! A lot of posts just talk about visualization, but they do not talk about everything else that supports it and allows it to be more powerful and fined tuned aligned to your goals. Read this information and take action on your goals!

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