Episode 6 welcomes Alex Springer, a Creative Director, Photographer and Digital Story Teller. I met Alex at a Les Brown event and we have stayed connected ever since.

Listen to Alex’s story as he explains how he became a Creative and what people can do to boost their brands to increase business. He reminds us that everyone has a brand and it is important to present it in the best light. Enjoy this episode!

You will find the following:

  1. Where did it all start for you? 04:16
  2. How Alex got his original clients and getting referrals 17:09
  3. Pricing strategy and raising them 21:54
  4. Defining what Creative Directions, Photography, Design Storytelling (Personal Branding) 28:17
  5. Personal branding vs Business Branding 39:04
  6. How can people start their branding independently 43:09
  7. What things face you learned along the way 47:07
  8. What challenges do you see people facing with their branding 48:36
  9. The evolution of the branding industry and how it relates to you 1:01:55
  10. Eight Rapid questions 1:04:49

You find out more about Alex here:
Instagram: @alexspringerofficial
Website: alexspringer.com/

If you would like Business & Leadership Coaching as Personal Brand, going from idea to paying customers click on this link here

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