10 Major Priorities for the New Year

The New Year is fast approaching, and to be honest with you I’m a believer that your real New Year starts on your birthday. However, hype and excitement is always a great propagator for ceasing and opportunity and taking advantage of the wave that hit us globally! If you prefer to watch things as opposed to reading, check this YouTube video on the 10 Success Life Hacks for the New Year!

Here are the following 10 Success Life Hacks for the New year:

1. Increase your income

Make it a commitment to increase your income this year either at work or through entrepreneurship. You need to identify what is limiting you from increasing your income and find ways to improve your approach to growing money. Some of you may require a promotion at work, which means you have to develop a skill, trade or qualification, others will require need improve their customer acquisition via better marketing and advertising of products and services, and learning to automate systems better. Make it a priority to focus on improving those aspects of income stream

2. Reduce your debts

Many of us are prisoners to our debts in the form of loans or credit cards. Decide that it is time to stop today. There are many ways to relieve debt but you have to make sacrifices in order for it to work. ideas include:

• Removing unnecessary direct debits

• Paying the highest interest payments first

• Paying the highest debt payment first

• Reducing your social spending habits

• Getting a low-interest debt clearing loan to help manage your debts

• Seeking advice from a financial consultant or bank


3. Make saving a habit

After you have reduced or cleared your debts, practice the art of making savings for another account every month. It’s more about the habit as opposed to the amount, because if you can comfortably save 15% of £1,000 a month, you should be confident and comfortable enough to do the same for £1,000,000 a month. Have a reason to save, whether it is a deposit for a house, clearing a bulk about of your savings, whatever it is, make sure you save

4. Develop multiple streams of income

Once you have learned to make money well in one income stream (by well I mean steadily and to an amount you are happy with), learn to make money another way. I would be smart about this, you could get another job, however, why not develop something that frees up your time for other activities you may want to endorse in. Here are some initial ideas:

• Pay a company or consultant to make money for you e.g. via trading

• Start and online business selling a brand

• Start an eCommerce business via Amazon or Shopify

• Start a sales team via referral marketing

• Write a book series, public speak, coach and develop a brand through educating people

• Invest in property via buy-to-lets, HMOs, Flipping properties, nursing homes etc.

• Become a freelancer, signing up to sights like Fiverr

• Develop eLessons for people on Udemy Online Courses


5. Commit to solving problems

What I have realised is that the prosperous are the ones who solve problems, and take advantage of this. Be a person who always has a plan, strategy, and an approach to solving a problem. You automatically become a leader, and valuable towards your business or workplace. All entrepreneurs solve problems, and people buy from them because they believe in their solutions. Managers and Directors have been are in their positions, because they solved problems and have become great at organising people and resources to o the same.

6. Take your goals seriously

Never underestimate the ability to take your goal seriously. What this simply means is to make sure your goals are realised, make sure your goals are tangible, make sure you do everything to make sure you fulfil them. This is hard for people because they don’t prioritise their goals because they are not conditioned focusing all of their energy on them, rather their focus is on the thing that takes up most of the day… work. Don’t let this be you

7. Develop processes

Create a step-by-step process for everything. Look at the wheel of life and decide what projects and programmes am I going to establish for your Relationships, Love life, Finances, Business, Career, Spiritual & Self Improvement, Social, and Health & Wellbeing. Logically think about what you need to do action-to-action in order to get a result. Do meta-analysis on the internet and in books, speak to different people, watch, listen and read different things to develop understanding, and transfer it into a process that works for your goals

8. Invest in Self Improvement

This is the key to all, the level of seriousness you place upon this, it the level of seriousness that life will throw back at you. Make sure you read constantly, at least 1 book a month, and at least 2 major self-improvement events a year. Use everything in your arsenal to develop yourself! Whether it’s books, audible, YouTube, Podcasts, Events, you name it, focus on self-improvement because it prevents the negative aspects of your mind from influencing your decision-making process

9. Build your Networks

Develop your emotional intelligence and social intelligence in order allow people to know, like and trust you. The best way to do this is to see everyone as a friend, and genuinely a positive soul. See networking as a conversation, rather than the pressure to sell something. Develop your NLP (neuro-linguisitic programming) techniques to better understand people. Attend multiple events, and get yourself out there to enhance your circle. The aim to develop relationships that are strong, and provided there is an opportunity, market yourself to them if need be. Setup an environment where people eventually come to you, that’s how you create value

10. F.O.C.U.S

Follow one course until successful. Master the art of not getting distracted by many things, and have super focus on the prioritised aim you want to achieve in life. There is nothing more fulfilling that achieving a goal, and the way you do it is by focusing all your resources in a S.M.A.R.T way in order to do this!

These 10 priorities will help you become productive for the New Year, allowing you to be resourceful, confident, and successful in your pursuits. Take them seriously, and I’m sure you’ll have a fruitful year ahead.

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