Feelings of Confusion

There are times in life where a decision has been, and moving forward you realise making that decision hasn’t made anything easier. It can confuse things. The reality is people at times are influenced by association with people and environments, and hence it dilutes their feelings and motives they had in a different environment. This is why so many people fall in love with more than one person. The truth maybe told that love can be felt from one person to many, I.e. romantic love. However, it is about commitment, sacrifice and respect for another individual for you to say that you are in love with one person. I am not advocating that it relies on this alone but, no one can truly be in the heads or minds of an individual, they can only assume and/or speculate on things based on what an individual says or does.

So what happens when someone else expresses love towards you when you”re in a relationship? What happens if you express it back? There needs to be some decisions taken, that enables your life not to be messy, unless you want it to be… Stay away. It”s not worth it because what is of real value is the relationship you are already in. Decisions have been made and whether this outside interest was there or not beforehand is not necessarily relevant, what is is your decision to commit to someone else. So stick to it. The other alternative is to act for the rest of your life keeping this person at arms length, reducing them as a “friend” yet you secretly love them if given the freedom too, with them loving you back…

Be conscious of your environment, and that doesn’t”t just refer to your physical environment it also relates to your social environment one, i.e. “platonic friends” or some “secret lovers”. This can only hold as a valid account if you believe you can love more than one person, if not apologies for your time…

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