Episode 9 features an ambitious and hardworking individual, Michael Kwakwa, who despite life challenges battling with an ear condition Cholesteatoma for 14 years, never sought to give up on his goals. He is co-founder with his best-friend of the rapidly growing Football Academy called “Pick Up Academy” where they train and educate local talent for opportunities to play professional football. Michael is also a creative writer and Music Artist who is passionate about educational and meaningful music.

You will find topics and questions on:
02:30 – Where did it all start for you?
05:19 – What has been your journey so far?
10:56 – Mike Talks about his condition “Cholesteatoma” – When did you start Pick up academy?
17:55 – Mike talks about his passion for Music and Creative writing
23:42 – What is the Pick Up Academy?
27:21 – How did you find partnering with a friend?
29:20 – What’s your role in the partnership?
35:30 – How do you start a football academy
37:08 – How do you find talent?
38:47 – How do you market yourself?
42:06 – How does PickUp Academy make money?
44:05 – Where do you see the scouting industries/academies going in the future

Then the 8 Rapid questions…

Please find out more about “Cholesteatoma” at NHS choices www.nhs.uk/conditions/cholesteatoma/

You can find him at:

Football Academy:
Website: www.pickupacademy.co.uk/
Instagram: @pickupacademy
Facebook: @PUAofficial

Michael Kwakwa:
Instagram: @mikeyshy
Twitter: @mickeyprogress

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