Episode 10 features Alice Ogeh, a millennial commercial property solicitor who has journeyed her way to law via the challenging route. In this podcast, you will learn about how she was able to get into law against all the odds, as well as legalese behind the purchasing of first-time buyer property in the UK. In addition, Alice exposes how she is amazing at creating budget travel plan and itineraries for people!

You will find questions on?:

  • 02:31 – Where did it all start for you and how did you get into law?
  • 18:33 – Alice gets offered a training contract
  • 22:18 – Alice takes advice from mentors
  • 23:20 – What was your support system like?
  • 25:22 – What do you do as a Solicitor
  • 28:00 – What does a commercial property solicitor do when a new buyer is purchasing a property?
  • 32:56 – How much are the legal fees for purchasing a property?
  • 35:53 – What is a lease option and is a freehold property?
  • 42:39 – Has the buying rate slowed down?
  • 45:39 – What are some typical disputes between landlords and tenants?
  • 49:30 – What is the common socioeconomic demographic of property buyers?
  • 51:51 – What is Shared ownership?
  • 56:55 – What have you learned along the way on your journey?
  • 58:02 – Where do you see the industry going for the first time buyer in the next 5 years?
  • 1:00:58 – Alice tells us about how she plans holidays for other people and create itineraries as well as developing
  • 1:03:47 – The 8 rapid questions

You can find Alice on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetravelconnective/?hl=en 
Website: http://www.thetravelconnective.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alice-ogeh-78a2b137/

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