#68 How to set goals successfully

Happy New year to you all! As we enter this year, many of us will either be endorsing on:

1) New resolutions
2) Old resolutions
3) Replacing the word resolutions with goals

In this video you will learn about three stages of making sure you develop goals that you can stick to as focus on developing 3 stages:

1) Determining your ambitions i.e your “Dream(s)”
2) Creating S.M.A.R.T.E.R criteria to realise your ambitions
3) Develop immediate actions to materialise your ambitions

As Brian Tracy says: “Success is predictable”, and so can yours if you can set and take action on good goal setting.

Goal setting should not be predicated only for the new year, however, it is an opportunity to get caught up by the hype and use it to take action.

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