What Makes a Great Leader?


Did you know that roughly 80% of leaders feel unprepared in their roles? If this resonates with you, you’re not alone. Today, I’ll unveil the secrets that not only helped me become an effective leader but have also aided many others in their leadership journeys.

You’re about to dive deep into the fundamentals of effective leadership. We’ll explore five crucial principles designed to elevate both your leadership style and the outcomes you achieve. 

This is my proprietary framework known as the Masteri Performance Indicators used for Leadership and High Performance development.

Let’s get into it!

Deep Dive into Key Leadership Traits

1. Audacious Authenticity

Authentic leaders inspire trust and foster loyalty, essential ingredients for sustained success. Science tells us that being true to ourselves enhances satisfaction and reduces stress. How? By aligning our actions with our true selves. Authenticity involves:

  • Living your values: Embrace your core beliefs in every decision.
  • Managing external influences: Stay true to your course without easily succumbing to external pressures.
  • Self-alienation avoidance: Be comfortable and confident in who you are.
  • Balanced self-monitoring: Adapt to social norms without compromising your genuineness.

2. Crystal Clarity

Clarity in leadership ensures that everyone on your team understands the shared goals and works towards them effectively. Here’s how you can apply it:

  • Vision and Mission: Define and communicate the future you aspire to create.
  • Values and Strategy: Establish behaviours that reflect your values and a clear plan to achieve your vision.
  • Roles and Governance: Clarify roles and set structured governance to facilitate smooth operations.

3. Considered Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of leadership. It’s about clarity in expression and attentiveness in listening—qualities that define strong emotional intelligence. Techniques to enhance communication include:

  • Active listening and empathy: Engage genuinely with team members.
  • Adaptive strategies: Use reflective practices and storytelling to connect and convey messages compellingly.

4. Voracious Vitality

Energy is a vital aspect of leadership. It’s about the vigour you bring to your role and how you inspire your team. Maintain your vitality by:

  • Regular physical activity and mindful eating.
  • Effective stress management: Keep your mental and emotional health in check.

5. Persuasive Perception

Understanding complex situations and influencing positive outcomes are critical leadership skills. Develop a keen perception by:

  • Gathering insights: Engage in continuous feedback with your team.
  • Enhancing analytical skills: Foster a better understanding of your leadership impact.

Bonus Tip: Proactive Learning

Continuously seeking knowledge and feedback is a hallmark of successful leaders. Here’s how you can integrate learning into your routine:

  • Engage a mentor or coach.
  • Keep a personal journal.
  • Enrol in development courses.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Authenticity: Genuine leaders cultivate trust by aligning their actions with their true selves.
  2. Prioritise Clarity: Clear goals and roles enhance team performance and focus.
  3. Master Communication: Effective leaders practice both clear expression and active listening.
  4. Maintain Vitality: A leader’s energy inspires and motivates the team, necessitating good health and stress management.
  5. Develop Perception: Understand complex situations and influence outcomes through strategic insight and feedback.
  6. Bonus – Proactive Learning: Continuously seek knowledge and feedback to stay ahead in leadership effectiveness.


We’ve covered five pivotal traits that can significantly boost your leadership effectiveness: Authenticity, Clarity, Communication, Vitality, and Perception. Integrating these into your style will undoubtedly enhance your influence and the performance of your team.

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