Take a chance in life!

We are in a society where if we are presented with opportunities, gifts, or the chance to get a way out of our current situations, we want to make sure we have “enough” information in order for us to make an educated decision to still do nothing with our lives. Don’t get me wrong information is the mother of all “educated decisions”, but educated decisions at times is confused with pessimism, which is mistaken for realism. We have positioned ourselves to be in a state of analysis paralysis, a state of fear and defenseless chickens, a state of not being able to expand our minds to possibilities. It is necessary for us to be open to possibilities, this is what makes one grow. Some of us have forgotten to dream, but even more dangerously we don’t know how to act on our dreams. What we need to do is take a chance in life, a chance to fulfil the possibility of at lest ascertaining our dreams; we owe it to ourselves. How much respect do you have for yourself to really create even more value in your life? It’s come to a point where I wonder whether people want their dreams or if they just like to sleep a lot and dream. If people can a least clarify this then it is clearer as to what they can do. However it seems based on the way people talk about their dreams that they want something different in their lives, yet fear taking the steps towards achieving their goals. Why not take a chance, a shot, a real leap of faith towards your dreams. Sometimes it takes you to create a circumstance that opens your eyes towards desperation of you realising your dream. Why must it get to that point? Because you may argue a survival mechanism kicks in that says “Whatever it takes to get what I need”. A want transforms into a need!! That’s the point at which you need to get too! They say that in life you must have a strong burning desire to win (Napoleon Hill) and a strong and compelling why! Your why is the reason you want financial freedom, the reason you want time to be creative and start a business that suits your vision! This lead on nicely towards being a visionary. My definition of having vision is “Seeing beyond the means of the present, and living in the future,” that is a visionary!

People of the world don’t be scared to take a chance, don’t be sacred to be different, don’t be scared to stand up for real value, don’t be scared to really dig deep into your very core and escape from the chains of reality that we are currently living. There are many ways to create control over your life. It is not about being rich but rather about being wealthy! Wealth generates sustenance, sustainability, and real progression towards positive growth. It starts with what seems like a chance, but develops into something that makes complete sense once you are committed and stay in the game. Many of the top 5% of the wealthiest men and women in the world took a chance, and now what may have seemed like a chance to them at the beginning is more of an educated move towards even more riches. You only know what you know, so position yourself to take a chance at success and really create a vehicle of greatness for you, rather than reliving the box life… you wake up, you go to work, you go come home, you sleep… you wake up, you go to work, you come home, you sleep… you wake up… (you get the message – sounds like Ground Hog’s Day right).

Take a chance, try something new, and see what turn life makes for you.

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